catalog number: GR#09
7" & Comic Book Set


K.K. Null's monstrous trio of terror take man's relationship with four wheels to a whole new level! Japan's heaviest heavys turn all amplifier knobs to pulverize for the A-Side and then pull the most shocking rabbit out of their hat yet for the flip!

Autofuck When I Was On Horseback

Kazuyuki K. Null: guitar, vocals
Tabata Mara: guitar
Eito: drums

Produced by Steve Albini
Cover art by Mark Fischer and Rob Syers

Give The Dog A Bone by Mark Fischer
Lucky! Lucky! Lucky! by Dan Grzeca
Pieces by Paul Nitsche
Blood, Sweat And Cum by Rob Syers
Seizures by Harvey Stafford
NOTE: The comic reads from right to left,
just like traditional Japanese manga!

FUN FACT(S): "When I Was On Horseback" had been previously performed by Null's old outfit YBO2! Zeni Geva met the the Skin Graft crew when Dazzling Killmen played a walloping gig with ZG in Madison, Wisconsin. Null later inquired about releasing Dazzling Killmen material on his label Nux Organization, but since all of the bands material was spoken for, arrangements were made for ZG to record a single for SKiN GRAFT! SKiN Graft Editor-In -Chief Mark Fischer painted the cover for Zeni Geva's Alternative Tentacles LP "Desire For Agony". The artwork ties into the cover and comic found in SKiN Graft's "Autofuck". The single's songs were recorded in Chicago during the "Desire For Agony" sessions.

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