"Walls In The City"
catalog number: GR#16


Let's turn it over to "The Bishop": "Cats and Kittens... It's time to leave the Blue Hawaiians and Tiki Torches to Trader Vic; What we have here are hi-ball, low brow, NOW SOUNDS, played by outlaws. But you see, these condemned men, don't hang, they swing! Need somebody taken out? Bourbon, brass knuckles, and black leather interiors are the tools of the trade for this dynamic duo. Who drives? James Kimball, of course, with a firm hand and a lead foot. Don't make him show you why they call them suicide doors!! Shotgun? Duane Denison. Slightly more refined, but no less dangerous than a rattlesnake. He's what they call a ringer. Let's leave it at that." Plainly put, two guys from The Jesus Lizard pull an after hours gig playing daddy's music: melody, harmony and rhythm presented in a simple, yet elegant manner. Oh, and by the way, when they come to town... Check your wallet now and again.

Prelude Cold Light Of Day
Walk Away Reunion Harry's Theme
One If By Land... Romantic Interlude
Seperate Checks Blue Corridor
Postlude ...Two If By Sea

Duane Denison: guitars
James Kimball: brushes and bongos

Recorded by Casey Rice
Cover art by Dan Grzeca

FUN FACT(S): "Walls In The City" is the DK3's soundtrack debut. The movie is available from Provisional Video and stars The Jesus Lizard's vocalist David Yow, along with Tony Fitzpatrick and Bill Cusack.

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