"It's In The Pillcase"
catalog number: GR#24
7" & Comic Book Set


MELT-BANANA's debut SKiN GRAFT 7" and comic book set is the repress you demanded! ! 2 songs on the B-Side. Comic Book has stories by surrealist Sonny Rosenberg & SKiN GRAFT Editor In Chief Mark Fischer, plus a two page spread of Yasuko's lyrics! So addictive, the record just sucks the needle down into the grooves again and again! Recorded by Zeni Geva's KK.Null. Includes band photos not available with the first pressing and a new color scheme on the Rob Syers cover!

It's In The Pillcase
Rush And Warp Picnic In Panic

Yasuko Onuki: vocals
Agata: guitar
Rika Mm': bass
Sudoh Toshiaki: drums

Recorded by Kazuyuki K. Null
Cover art by Rob Syers

Aesthetic Deficit by Sonny Rosenberg
Crabby-Love Sue Hero by Mark Fischer
Lyric Spread by Yasuko Onuki

FUN FACT(S): Early pressings of this single have a silver and black color scheme on the cover and a different inside front cover. A different recording of the song "It's In The Pillcase" appears on the LP "Scratch Or Stitch". The Skin Graft produced Melt-Banana T-shirts around this time featured the cover art from the single and an original design (also by Rob Syers)on the back!

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