catalog number: GR#25
2 x 7" & Comic Book Set


Remember the 90's?
Remember internet speculation? Punk breaking? Retro tribute records? SKiN GRAFT Records sure does and we're bringing it all back! To start, here's SIDES 1-4, a double seven inch single and comic book set featuring four great 90's bands covering the number one rock band of the 70's - AC/DC!!! Joe Carduchii wrote in his book "Rock And The Pop Narcotic" that today - "If you cut open young execs, housewives, rappers, house-mixers, salsa fans, hip-hopsters, etc, you're likely to find, 14 rings back, a layer of molten rock spewed by Australia's shaggiest eruption. " No need to saw the legs off any of these Chicago bands!:

U.S. MAPLE "Sin City"
From Thurston Moore to John Cusack, everyone is talking about U.S. Maple! If you've yet to hear them, here's a great place to start! "Sin City" is vintage stuff from U.S. Maple's first session at Easley Studios. The heaviest U.S. MAPLE song ever!

BRISE-GLACE "Angus Dei Aus Licht"
Brise-Glace was the cut up band formed back in the 90's by Jim O'Rourke. Total rock deconstruction in the vein of those other '70's rock bands- Can, This Heat and Faust. Brise-Glace's last public performance was in November of 1996. Where are they now? Darin and Thymme formed You Fantastic! Dylan joined Thymme's band Cheer Accident. Darin still plays on Jim's records (and recently played the tough guy on the Stereolab tour)!

BIG'N "t.nt."
Kings of the pre-post rock Chicago sound (i.e. Jesus Lizard, Tar, Naked Raygun), Big'n took a proven formula, turned it on it's ear, upped the aggression and produced two of the deadliest records ever. Since recording this song, the Big'n boys casually broke up, but reunion shows have been occurring at an ever-increasing frequency. Members of BIG'N have gone on to play in Neutrino and Emperor Penguin. Bign's latest release is a split 7" with Oxes.

SHELLAC "Jailbreak"
Steve Albini has a book of lurid tales chronicling the rise and demise of AC/DC's vocalist Bon Scott. Shellac's enthusiasm and authority of their subject shines through on "Jailbreak". An astute listener from Pittsburgh wrote in swearing that he heard pants dropping in the studio... just before the second chorus?

SIDES 1-4 is the first in a series of AC/DC tribute records issued in conjunction with Gasoline Boost Records. As a bonus, SIDES 1-4 comes complete with a comic book sleeve featuring skin graft fan favorites like Serious Brown and the Karate Chimp! Take these four prominent tribute bands, add the fervor over AC/DC's new album, and there's no denying that this beefy set of singles is sure to please!

Shellac - Jailbreak
Big'n - T.N.T.
Brise-Glace - Angus Dei Aus Licht
U.S. Maple - Sin City

Cover Art by Mark Fischer

Lo... There Shall Come A Chimp! by Mark Fischer
When Chops The Chimp! by Mark Fischer
Enter: The Karate Chimp! by Mark Fischer

FUN FACT(S): Copies of this record have been selling for inflated collectors prices on ebay - and it's been in print all along!

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