SIDES 11-14
Double 7" Single & Comic Book Set
(colored vinyl)


Joe Carduchii wrote in his book "Rock And The Pop Narcotic" that today - "If you cut open young execs, housewives, rappers, house-mixers, salsa fans, hip-hopsters, etc, you're likely to find, 14 rings back, a layer of molten rock spewed by Australia's shaggiest eruption, AC/DC“.

SIDES 11-14 is the latest in SKiN GRAFT Records’ irregularly published series of tribute record and comic book sets published in conjunction with Gasoline Boost Records.  This deluxe double 7“ single and comic book set includes:

YOWIE "Dunderdruck“
The newly reformed YOWIE turn AC/DC’s „Thunderstruck” sideways to take the listener on a technically impeccable, hyper-alien-math-rock sugar high - played with spaghetti-strung guitars and stop on a dime drums.

COLOSSAMITE "Anti-Christ Devil Child“
The members of Gorge Trio (John and Ed of Deerhoof) plus Nick Sakes (vocalist of Dazzling Killmen) unite one final time for a maddening metal medley of AC/DC’s greatest hits.

PRE "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap“
London’s No Wave naughties apply their merry-go-round grind to the certified classic “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap”.

MULE "Have A Drink On Me“
Vaulted for 10 years and previously unreleased, here is the final recording from this legendary Touch and Go / Quarterstick Recording artist, featuring the restrained redneck blues of PW Long on vocals and guitar.

Plus: a densely illustrated 20 page wraparound comic book sleeve written and drawn by Skin Graft's Mark Fischer. 

o Incredibly packaged - includes (2) colored vinyl 7” singles and a 20 page gatefold comic book sleeve
o Timed to coincide with the AC/DC’s  first new album in over eight years.  AC/DC have sold more than 200 million albums worldwide
o All recordings and comics are exclusive to this release.
o Previous installments in the “SIDES” series included bands such as:
Shellac, US Maple, Palace Brothers, Killdozer, Zeni Geva and Brise-Glace (Jim O’Rourke).

1) YOWIE "Dunderdruck“
2) COLOSSAMITE "Anti-Christ Devil Child“
PRE "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap“
4) MULE "Have A Drink On Me