"Scratch Or Stitch"
catalog number: GR#34


Out of the old ashes sizzle and scream a new wave and realization simply called MELT-BANANA. A maelstrom of experimental heart surgery, Melt Banana walk on water. They effortlessly juggle all of those sharks that think they're swimming in new, unexplored territories. Here are the imported children of the no waves gone by, a hardcore-informed, audio info overload from Tokyo's ferocious underground. Get ready to Rumble! In short, take all of the scrabbling atonal dissonance of no wave, bathe it in the hysteria of hardcore, then rinse with the acceleration of speed metal. Repeat. This is the one Jim O'Rourke "Produced" & Steve Albini "Recorded".

Plot In A Pot Scratch Or Stitch!
Sick Zip Everywhere Disposable Weathercock
Ten Dollars A Pile Ketchup Mess Buzzer #P
Rough Dogs Have Bumps Iquana In Trouble
It's In The Pillcase Test: Ground 1
Zoo, No Vacancy A Finger To Hackle
Type B For Me
His Name Is Mickey (At Last She Got Him...)
Back To The Womb I Hate It!
What Do You Slaughter Next? Eye-Q Trader
Dig Out! Contortion Out Of Confusion
Pigeons On My Eyes (Go To Bed!)

Yasuko Onuki: vocals
Agata: guitar
Rika Mm': bass
Sudoh Toshiaki: drums

Jim O'Rourke: razor blade
Kazuyuki K. Null: keyboards

Recorded by Steve Albini / Engineered by Jim O'Rourke
Cover art by Mark Fischer

FUN FACT(S): The video for Sick Zip Everywhere was rejected by MTV in the states, but was honored as one of the best videos of the year on MTV in the UK. Scratch Or Stitch was released in the USA and Europe in the summer of 1996 in conjunction with a co-headlining European tour with U.S. Maple. Also in the United Kingdom, Skin Graft had been able to arrange Peel Sessions for U.S Maple, and Yasuko and Agata joined in on two of the tracks. The oft-talked about U.S. Maple "Banana-Peel sessions" have never been released. The Scratch or Stitch album was released on CD and also as an elaborately bundled limited edition vinyl LP. The LP was limited to 2600 copies, packaged in a full-color silk-screened rubber jacket, accompanied by a lyric booklet, poster and a special MELT-BANANA temporary tattoo. On the strength of the release, MELT-BANANA made another swipe of the US, touring as a headliner for one and a half months in September of 96 and headlining the second night of SKiN GRAFT's OOPS(!) indoors festival along side Lake Of Dracula, You Fantastic! and Mount Shasta. .

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