"Space Streakings
Sighted Over Mount Shasta"
catalog number: GR#35
Picture Disc LPDeluxe / CD


"What would it sound like if we dynamited a video arcade?" – BUNNYHOP magazine. Like chocolate and peanut butter, it's two great tastes, together! Chicago's MOUNT SHASTA teams with Tokyo's SPACE STREAKINGS for the Mightiest Morph of all! Here’s a special repressing of the LP deluxe edition of this historical record. SHAKUHACHI SURPRISE is a super-techno-rock group that brings Mount Shasta‘s swamp boogie blues and Space Streakings Video Game antics together with truly exciting results! This is not a split LP. This is one big band, produced by Steve Albinary at his home studio with some of the wildest instrumentation ever laid to tape - Electrical Guitar, Bass, Discosmasher, Sampler, Electronic Guitar, Drumkit, Bazookahorn, Engine Guitar, Saxophone, Turntable, Electroshock Guitar, Toyharp, Fireworks. This LPDELUXE has all the bells and whistles, and then some! The LP is a stunning picture disc with art by Mount Shasta’s famed cartoonist Rob Syers and Space Streakings own Kame Bazooka. It comes wrapped up in a special die-cut sleeve thing, includes a MASSIVE 24" x 24" Poster, and a full-color art-filled booklet! Two bands! Too much!

Swavay Harduro... Deso Deso (?)
Shacho Yadoroku Diamondo
Tora! Tora! Tora! Senzuri Jushoku
Oresama "Big J" Nande
Kick On Cigarette (Kekkon Shitekure)

John Forbes: vocals, electrical guitar, harmonica
Captain Insect: bass, voice, bazookahorn
Jenny White: bass, electronic guitar, vocals
Karate Condor: discosmasher, engine guitar, horns
Carl Brueggen: electrifying guitar, charisma
Kame Bazooka: vocals, saxophone, toyharp
Jason Benson: drumkit, percussion
Springman: beefsteak

Produced by Steve Albinary
Cover art by Nobtack Koike and Rob Syers

FUN FACT(S): To keep things even more lively, English speakers Mount Shasta sing the Japanese lyrics penned by Space Streakings, while Space Streakings sing the English lyrics of Mount Shasta! The band was strongly considering calling themselves SPACE MOUNTAIN, until deciding upon SHAKUHACHI SURPRISE.


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