catalog number: GR#54 / CD


Miss Pussycat is a puppeteer whose little animal friends are always starting bands! The most popular is Flossie And The Unicorns and L.M.N.O.P, is their first CD. Flossie and The Unicorns sound like... hmmm... furry animals playing dance music on little tiny guitars, eensy weensy drums and itty bitty synthesizers! Now, Please don't try to figure out the "time signature" of this music - there isn't one. So simple and perfect, it's almost frightening - unless, of course, you're a badger! Always on tour with Mr. Quintron.

Free Guitar Lessons For Animals
The Men With A Million Records
Miss Foxyface Chewing Gum
Celebrity Biography Junior Troopers Are Go
Underwater Dance Club
The Halloween Puppet Show

Miss Pussycat: Manager
Flossie: lead singer
Stuffy: drums and synthesizer
Princess Pandora Stardust: lead guitar, vocals
Snicklefritz: the guitar playing turtle

Mr. Quintron: vocals

Produced by Miss Pussycat at The Spellcaster Lodge

FUN FACT(S): An expanded version of Chewing Gum appears on the Camp SKiN GRAFT compilation (GR#50) as "Chewing Gum From Outer Space"! After hearing LMNOP, the BBC's John Peel immediately invited Miss Pussycat to the UK to record Peel Sessions, an honor shared by The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and U.S. Maple.

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