"The Truth Is A Fucking Lie"
catalog number: GR#61 / CD


The seventh album from Chicago's notorious punk-jazz group nails a new high water mark in an already unforgettable discography. "The Truth..." finds the Luttenbachers at their darkest - a band distilled to it's most raw and sore - interspread are hyper-structural epics, minimalist noisescapes, high energy free jazz blows and bizarre electronic satellite transmissions.

De Futura
The Truth Is A Fucking Lie Black Perversion
Princess Angel L.S. Nipple-Clamped
Medley: Pointed Stick Throwing Bricks
Playing in the Dumpster
Dance of the Lonely Hyenas Attack Sequence
The Critic Stomp If I'm I Going to Become a 'Seminal Artist', I'll Have To Suck Up to the Critics A Little Better/The Big Finale

Weasel Walter: construction, drums, trumpets
mellotron, electronics
Michael Colligan: reeds
Chuck Falzone: guitar
William Pisarri: bass guitar, shriek, clarinet
Fred Lonberg-Holm: cello
Dylan Posa: keyboards, conduction
Julie Pomerleau: violin
Kurt Johnson: bass guitar
Nandor Nevai: intro and outro

Produced by Weasel Walter with Chris Hutchison

FUN FACT(S): The deluxe CD is specially packaged in solid mirror-polish black jewel cases, with a high gloss wraparound obi style sleeve. The imported LP features a different cover entirely.

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