"Turbo Mattress"
catalog number: GR#69 / CD


NOTE: This title has been issued in three variations:
..1) As a round "tour only" CD
..2) First official pressing - a weaponized star-shaped CD (sold out)
..3) A limited edition TRANSPARENT CD (in-stock)

Hitching a ride on the steamrolling new album from THE CHINESE STARS, "Listen To Your Left Brain", Skin Graft proudly re-presents the band's debut CD "Turbo Mattress" in a new edition. Previously available as a "weaponized, chinese throwing star-shaped CD", "Turbo Mattress" was quick to sell, but also proved problematic for those wishing to play the disc in front feed CD players, CD changers or darn near anything other than a tray loading disc player. So for this new edition, Turbo Mattress has been pressed on a transparent CD - maintaining the illusion of a chinese throwing star with the added bonus of being playable on all CD players and drives!

From the charred remains of Arab On Radar and Six Finger Satellite come The Chinese Stars. Christened after the "Chinese Star Epidemic" of the early 80's which found legions of grade school kids across America armed with "shuriken" throwing stars, the band pledge to follow in this tradition: terrorizing parents, authority figures and the psyche of the free world.

The Chinese Stars include Craig Kureck and Eric Paul formerly of Arab on Radar, already legendary for disbanding late last year at the height of their popularity - - and after achieving renown as one of the most innovative bands of the last decade. Craig Kureck, the drummer responsible for the extraordinary pulse of AOR, renews his denunciation here in The Chinese Stars. Eric Paul, singer, has reportedly cleaned up his act and purchased a dictionary for this new endeavor, though early reports confirm that mental illness remains his guiding light. Richard Ivan Pelletier formerly of Six Finger Satellite, a band considered far and wide as the "Founding Fathers of Chaos" takes up the electric bass and production duties. The final member enlisted, Paul Vieira, remains shrouded in mystery. We regret that no further information on Mr. Vieira is available at this time. Together The Chinese Stars vow to reinvent what they have already invented. This goal will be achieved via the manufacture and distribution of audio artifacts and furthered by untamed live demonstrations of their resolve.

The band's first release "Turbo Mattress" is a mini LP presented on a weaponized digital CD. Forged in the shape of a Chinese Star, the CD collects five songs that will leave the listener questioning his identity, while simultaneously arming him with the band's namesake for individual acts of lawlessness and delight.

Play the CD, then hurl it at your adversaries.

Sick Machine
Eyes of the Secret North
Loose Traffic Arson Hotline
The Fastest Horse Yet

Eric Paul: vocals
Richard Ivan Pelletier: electric bass
Craig Kureck: drums
Paul Vieira: guitar

Produced by Richard Ivan Pelletier
Cover art by Mark Fischer

FUN FACT(S): Mr. Pottymouths Book "Toilet Talk" is out now!.

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