"The Lovvers LP"
catalog number: GR#81
Poster sleeved LP


In April of 2003, the members of Montreal's AIDS Wolf were drawn into a whole by psychic forces unknown. Since coming into existence, AIDS Wolf has composed an inestimable amount of songs, and found themselves performing alongside the likes of Daughters, Death from Above 1979, Les Georges Leningrad, Made In Mexico, usaisamonster, and An Albatross, as well as raising a ruckus CMJ's Music Marathon.

Voted 10th most pretentious band by the Montreal Mirror's readers poll, AIDS Wolf are already known far and wide for terrifying, ear splitting performances that include improvisation, audience participation, freedom, truth, and biting. With no commercially available recordings available, the band has received an unprecedented amount of attention from the likes of the New York Times, Pitchfork, CMJ and the Associated Press, their output to date limited to demos and cassettes.

Unleashed at last, AIDS Wolf present "The Lovvers LP"; the definitive soundtrack for telepathic life-force warriors everywhere. We present AIDS Wolf's full length debut in a deluxe vinyl edition, wrapped in a fold-out 24" x 24" DOUBLE-SIDED four-color process silk-screened sleeve! Produced by Canada's critically acclaimed screen-printing outfit Seripop, "The Lovvers LP" is filled to the brim with revealing, mind-liberating graphic nourishment, including a revealing band centerfold.

Spit Tastes Like Metal
Chinese Roulette We Multiply
The Hat Collector
Vampire King
Panty Mind
Opposing Walls
Some Sexual Drawings

Special Deluxe : howling at the moon
Hiroshima Thunder : banging and clanging
Barbarian Destroyer : unleashing the beasts
Him, the Maji : piercing and cutting
Mark Mclean : spiritual advisor

Recorded by Arlen Thomson and AIDS Wolf at the 100 Sided Die
Mastered by Harris Newman

by Seripop
Band photo by Yannick Grandmont

Canada is north of the United States!

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