Chloe: vocals
Yannick: drums
Myles: guitar
Alex: guitar


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Cities Of Glass
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"We are a fucking cult and will cause you harm and ill will."
The 9 Principles of AIDS Wolf

1: Maintain a Daily Ritual. Music is like breathing, eating, walking, sleeping, drinking, pissing, and, with any luck, fucking. One must have something to play, create, and examine everyday; there are simply no vacations. Music must be a physical need and a mental compulsion in each moment of existence.

2: Live Aesthetic Immersion. One's aesthetic inclinations regarding sound should bleed over into and flow from all artistic disciplines as easily as they do from daily experience. There is no reason a sonic composition cannot be inspired by or contribute to a drawing, a tasty curry, or one's choice of socks.

3. When in Doubt, Bum Them Out.
If you can't convert 'em, make 'em run crying and holding their ears. There is no shame in being a bummer. To elicit a reaction - positive or negative - is a valueless proposition and a noble pursuit in its own right.

4. Get in the Van. This is self-explanatory. Read the book, live the life.

5. Seek Strength Through Strength. Gear's gotta be carried, sleep must be forsaken, and long tours have to be survived, knowing all the while that ideas flow best when one has the stamina to let them out. Through proper consumption of wholesome fresh foods, daily strength training and sports, and copious amounts of fresh air, one can foster personal fortitude and allow room for creativity to flower.

6. Join the Family. AIDS Wolf is a nuclear family, from which flows an ever-expanding extended family network. Artistic collaborations, shared travels, exchanged stories, and general camaraderie with other bands and artists are not only motivating and inspiring but also serve as a vital metrics by which to measure one's own perceived worth.

7. Allow for Sonic Fields of Nothing. The use of negative space in music and design creates new dynamics, abstracts the obvious, and challenges both the creator and the audience.

8. Lift Anchor and Set Sail. De-anchoring compositions by dispensing with a bass guitar allows AIDS Wolf to make rhythm, often muddled, confused, and obscured with polyrhythmicality, the central feature of its performances. Lacking a "mama heartbeat", in this way, pushes the band out of predictability and puts atonality on a pedestal.

9. Become the Weird Punks. Remember when punk was weird and when weird was punk Destroy genre straight jackets and move out of the comfortable. Confrontation with norms and expectations is where the AIDS Wolf family is most at home.

Now that you have studied and committed the 9 Principles of AIDS Wolf to memory, you are ready to carry them into your daily life. Find failure and misery as you are guided by these tenets and bring them with you into the wider world.


AIDS Wolf embraces the hate. If they can’t draw you in, they will make you run away cursing and bitching. Their songs speak to the terminally alienated, the relentlessly negative, the inherently repugnant.

The Montréal four-piece (two guitars, drums and insane warbling) formed in early 2003, to the protestations of most of humanity. Since the beginning, they’ve sought to live the life: to practice complete aesthetic immersion, create music in some form every day, and live healthfully to facilitate their creative endeavors, no vacations allowed. AW greets our modern gloom with heady zeal.

In January 2006, AIDS Wolf released The Lovvers LP, their first full-length with the CD on Lovepump United, the 12" on Skin Graft. They've also released splits, mini-CDs, and improv freakouts on tape. Their upcoming releases for late 2006 include a four-band split (on two 7") with Dmonstrations, Pre, and Crack Und Ultra Excema on Lovepump United.In early 2007, AIDS Wolf released a collaborative album with Providence's ATHLETIC AUTOMATON under the moniker AIDS WOLF VERSUS ATHLETIC AUTOMATON titled "Clash Of The Life-Force Warriors". A split LP with Night Wounds has been released on Nail in the Coffin Records followed, as did a bootleg split 7" with London's PRE titled "Live Dates". Illegally pressed by SiNRAFT Records and containing a calendar sleeve of compromising band photos, the 7" has been seized by Skin Graft Records for lawful distribution.

AIDS Wolf have contributed a track to the new Bruce LaBruce film Otto, or Up With Dead People. Their new Weasel Walter produced release - the second full-length album, Cities of Glass is already proving to prolong the bummer.

-Vikki Warner

"The Lovvers LP"
GR#81 LP
"Clash Of The Life-Force Warriors"
GR#84 LP & CD
"Live Dates"

Cities Of Glass