Isaac Rotto / Guitar
Daniel Luedtke / Keyboards, Sax, Vocals
Angela Gerend / Drums, Electronics




"To Smithereens"
track listing:

Poverty Witch
Dot Dot
Poly ASX
Right Through
We Keep our Victims Ready
Probably Won’t
Goodbye World
release date:
March 22nd, 2011
"To Smithereens"
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GAY BEAST: Bi-Linqual
"To Smithereens" LP

a English:
Gay Beast formed mid-2005 during a fit of anxiety towards Midwestern passive aggression and as an attempt to make music that was queer in composition and aesthetic. Wielding a battery of drums, scraped and hammered guitars, chanted vocals, retro-future synths, saxophone, and other electronics, the trio (Angela Gerend, Daniel Luedtke, Isaac Rotto) build songs on grounds that adjoin complexity and catchiness, a space where both abrasion and tunefulness inhabit.

With releases on DNT, Gilgongo, and Skin Graft, Gay Beast have garnered a reputation for uniqueness on the rock fringe, their sound being both too weird for the stereotype of a “gay band” and “too gay” for the noise-rock set. Upon examination of the influence blender, one finds remnants of Devo, Captain Beefheart, equatorial pop-rock from the 60s and 70s, no wave, and feminist theory. This concoction, delivered via Gay Beast’s unique political approach to composition, is explored heavily on their third album “To Smithereens”, appearing Winter 2010 on Skin Graft Records.


a Dutch:
Gay Beast begon medio 2005 als een reactie op de passieve-agressieve sfeer op het Amerikaanse platteland met het maken van muziek die in compositie en vorm homoseksueel overkomt. Het trio (Angela Gerend, Daniel Luedtke, Isaac Rotto) bouwt complexe en catchy liedjes, die zowel schurend als melodieus klinken. De band gebruikt een batterij drums, krassende gitaren, ouderwets klinkende synths, zang, saxofoon en andere elektronica.

Met releases op labels DNT, Gilgongo en Skin Graft heeft de band een reputatie opgebouwd aan de randen van het rockspectrum. Hun geluid is te vreemd voor het stereotype ‘homo-band’ en ‘te gay’ voor noise-rockers. Invloeden zijn Devo, Captain Beefheart, Afrikaanse pop-rock uit de jaren ‘60 en ‘70, no wave en feministische theorie. Dit brouwsel resulteert in Gay Beasts derde album ‘To Smithereens’, die deze winter verschijnt op Skin Graft Records.


a Italian:
Gay Beast e stata formata nella metà del 2005 durante un attacco di ansia al confronto del Midwest aggressività passiva e come un tentativo di fare musica "queer" in composizione ed estetico. Brandendo una batteria di tamburi, chitarre raschiate e martellato, parole cantate, synthi dal retro-futuro, sassofono, e altri dispositivi elettronici, il trio (Angela Gerend, Daniel Luedtke, Isaac Rotto) costruisconocanzoni per motivi che congiungono n la complessità e orecchiabilità, uno spazio dove l'abrasione e "tunefulness" abitano in sieme.

Con stampi sulla DNT, Gilgongo, e Skin Graft, Gay Beast hanno guadagnato una reputazione per l'unicità ai margini rock, il loro sound si sia troppo strana per lo stereotipo di una "banda gay" e "troppo gay" per il noise-rock. All'esaminazione dei loro influenze, si trova i resti di Devo, Captain Beefheart, pop-rock equatoriale degli anni '60 e '70, no wave, e della teoria femminista. Questo intruglio, attuate mediante l'approccio unico di Gay Bestia alla composizione, viene esplorato pesantemente sul loro terzo album "To Smithereens", che arriva in inverno 2010 su Skin Graft Records.


a Polish:
Gay Beast powsta?a w po?owie 2005 r. w czasach obawy wobec agresji i bierno?ci Midwestern kultury, jako próba stworzenia muzyki, która by?a queer w sk?adzie i estety?mie. Uzbrojeni baterie b?bnów, odrapane i podniszczone gitary, retro-przysz?o??iowe syntezatory, saksofon i wokal, trio Angela Gerend, Daniel Luedtke, i Isaac Rotto tworz? piosenki, ktore ??cz? kompleksowo?? z atrakcyjnosci? i zawilo?? muzyki z jej prostot?.

Z wersji na DNT, Gilgongo, Skin Graft, Gay Beast zyska?y reputacj? wyj?tkowo?ci; ich d?wi?k jest zarówno zbyt dziwny dla stereotypu "zespó? gejowskiego" i "za gejowski" dla zestawu noise-rock. Po zbadaniu ich wp?ywów, znajdziemy odrobin? Devo, Captain Beefheart, równikowego pop-rock z lat 60. i 70., no wave i teorii feministycznej. Ta mikstura, dostarczona za po?rednictwem unikalnego, politycznego podej?cia grupy do kompozycji z?ozy?a si? w du?ym stopniu na ich trzeci album "To Smithereens ("Na drobne kawa?ki"), które zosta? wydany przez Skin Graft Records zim? 2010.

"We Keep Our Victims Ready" (7" single version)

"Smithereens" from the album "To Smithereens"


for GAY BEAST's SKiN GRAFT Records debut "Second Wave" LP/CD

Hear Ye! Fear Ye!

Join us May 26th for the coming out dance party of the year as Gay Beast ride the Second Wave straight onto the streets! Formed in 2005 and renowned as Minnesota's premier agit-prog queer band, Gay Beast cuts a careening groove between the prickly corners of tunefulness and musical density, danceability and controlled chaos. On Second Wave, their sophomore effort and first release on Skin Graft Records, the trio lets fly with utopic visions of second-wave feminism, exposing a mood-swinging musical reach heretofore unheard.

Join us May 26th as the nuclear family explodes into a psychedelic mushroom cloud of writhing, urgent vocals set against the precise, premeditated clatter of guitar, drums and keys. Add a dash of electronic
psych, and a spoonful of sax - and your goose is cooked.

Join us.


“Thundering out of the basements of Minneapolis, Gay Beast brings its wide-eyed, brutal sound . . . The group's latest record, ‘Second Wave,’ is full of erratic shifts in time signature, pleading yelps over razor-sharp eight-bit keyboards, and pounding tribal percussion. Although not for the faint of heart, this frenetic trio's music is miraculously danceable--the perfect soundtrack for a post-apocalyptic discotheque.”
- New Yorker

“It's hard to put guitar/synth/drums trio Gay Beast into a neat little genre box, as they make some seriously, awesomely weird noise . . . They look and sound like something new. That's not easy. Hell, in this day and age of recycled everything, doing something different or new is almost impossible. They should have called themselves the Gay Pioneers. Or the Queer Pathfinders.”
- Portland Mercury

”Bands like Gay Beast used to get me excited, but none have had such a gloriously bent and creative batch of songs to match up with the innovation.”
– Doug Mosurak / Dusted Magazine

“Think Health, think Lovely Little Girls, think DNA. But don't think too hard. It wouldn't be right.”
- Sound & Fury Records

“Gay Beast are one of the few bands I've seen around that are seriously challenging the form and content of modern rock music. Their compositions and execution are ambitious and effective. A truly unique and weird band.”
- Weasel Walter


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"To Smithereens"
"Second Wave"