Zach Hill: Drums, Vocals, Guitars, Synth,
Sampler, Toys, Harmonica, Piano, Trumpet
Dan Elkan: Vocals, Guitars, Piano, Keyboard
Rob Crow: Vocals, Various Instruments
Carson McWhirter: Guitars, Sampling
Jonathan Hischke: Bass, Screams, Synth
Ian Hernandez: Bass
J.R. Thompson: Recording, Bass

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"Holy Smokes are a supergroup better than the sum of it's incalculably impressive parts (line-up includes members of Hella, Pinback, The Advantage and The Flying Luttenbachers)... A balancing act of incredible dexterity... a scorching mangle of instruments igniting waves of dreamily emotive melodies upon a dizzying volcanic terrain. This is barefoot shoegazing on a bed of hot coals."
- Independence Now

Talk To Your Kids About Gangs" is the culmination of a recording process that began in 2003, with the line-up of Zach Hill, Dan Elkan, Rob Crow, Carson McWhirter, Jonathan Hischke, Ian Hernandez and J.R. Thompson. The group first assembled for the album "Masculine Drugs", a soundtrack to a book penned by founder Zach Hill and released by Suicide Squeeze Records. On their Skin Graft debut, Holy Smokes arrive fully formed. Where the band's debut offered a discordant free-jazz-noise-rock shock, "Talk To Your Kids About Gangs" emerges as a harmonic tangle of pitches and thunder claps, that as they unravel, come into focus as intelligible, infectious oddments of grooving sonance. Make no mistake, these are songs: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Synth, Drums, Samplers, Toys, Piano, Keyboards, Trumpet and Gadgets - no bullshit. Holy Smokes have recorded a masterfully drawn, spectral broadcast; a call to arms now and forever.

"...worth telling and re-telling, moody enough for a post-midnight mass blowout and subtle enough to dampen the darkened corners of a sullen Sunday morning. Read with feeling, listen with guileless regard."
- Splendid E-Zine

Holy Smokes work as a hive mind, switching from complete chaos to "almost lovely" pop songs in the style of My Bloody Valentine ...very worth the search."
- dude at Amazon.com

Like if VoiVod formed in 2084.
- Topless

The Big Picture
Too Many Wives (All You Need Is Blood)
Pretty Much None Of Us Know Anything
Missed Connections
Don't Squab On God's Tracks
Young Accent
Quantum Leaper Of Los Angeles County
No Dice If You Pull It Out, You Better Use It
Welcome To Say You're Welcome
I Wasn't Scared, He Couldn't Feel His Hands
Universe's N.A.R.C.
Young Man's Blues
The Big Picture (Reprise)

"Talk To Your Kids About Gangs"
GR#82 LP

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