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MP3 from "Cleaning the
Filth From a Delicate Frame"


Lovely Little Girls


Glistening Vivid Splash
Vinyl LP / CD


Gregory Jacobsen: vocals
Alex Perkolup
: bass
Jeff Goulet
: guitar
Jon Beavo
: keyboard
Cory Bengtsen
: sax
Mike Hagedorn
: trombone
Charlie Werber
: drums
Sacha Mullin
: vocals
L. Wyatt
: vocals
Matt Espy
: congas on tracks 1 & 7

Recording: Greg Norman at Studio Greg Studios II
Mixing: Greg Norman and Lovely Little Girls
Mastering: Todd Rittmann


"Glistening Vivid Splash"

Chicago's Lovely Little Girls focus on the details; that bit of flab hanging over a waistband, those ill-fitting shoes that carve deeper with each step and that slight underbite - teetering between the lovely and the repugnant.

Led by visual artist/vocalist Gregory Jacobsen and bassing Alex Perkolup (Cheer-Accident, Flying Luttenabachers, Bobby Conn), Lovely Little Girls is a nine-piece art-prog band that features the cream of the crop of Chicago's avant-rock scene. "Glistening Vivid Splash", the band's second full-length for SKiN GRAFT Records propels the ensemble's darkly humorous vision of absurd sexuality, abject failure, and unceremonious death to new heights by utilizing more space, and employing a strange sense of harmony that will strike a chord with fans of Magma, Cardiacs, Arrigo Barnabe, and early Residents. Produced by Greg Norman and mastered by Todd Rittmann (Dead Rider, US Maple), the music of Lovely Little Girls is permeated by an ominous urgency, ripening and decaying before the ears.


1. Delicate Moisture
2. The Awful Unpleasant Consequence
3. Corpse Thighs Dancing
4. Glistening Vivid Splash
5. Resigned Postscript
6. Cavernous Cryptic Structures
7. Unseemly Circumstance
8. Purify
9. Irrisistible

The drawings and paintings of Chicago artist Gregory Jacobsen aren't exactly easy to look at: his favorite subject is body horror, and he loves to combine bright, kid-friendly colors with beautifully rendered deformities and mutilations and revolting masses of flesh and hair and membrane. Since 2001 Jacobsen has also had a band, Lovely Little Girls, and it's a total package: challenging, dissonant, ever-changing experimental rock, conceptually linked songs, and ambitious themed stage productions that often involve makeup, prosthetics, partial nudity, and large casts of players. His longtime collaborator, bassist Alex Perkolup (also of Cheer-Accident), writes most of the songs; Jacobsen animates their lyrics with his abject, frenzied singing and grotesque, even violent stage presence. - Monica Kendrick, Chicago Reader

The music of the Chicago avant-rock oddballs Lovely Little Girls is inspired by the paintings and drawings of artist/vocalist Gregory Jacobsen. It's the sort of artwork that can inspire lyrics like "Inflammation of the harelip," candy-colored grotesques that seem like carnival art intended to scare children with the threat of STDs. These characters are depicted in the band's Frith/Residents-inspired anarchic outbursts, sideshow skronk in [Henry Darger] Vivian Girls colors. The songs come mostly from the pen of Cheer-Accident bassist Alex Perkolup, who translates Jacobsen's deformed portraiture into an equally deranged sonic palette, a no-wave juggling act by turns horrifying and horrified.
-Shaun Brady, Philadelphia City Paper 

Lovely Little Girls' crazed crossbreeding of Brechtian narrative menace and Zappa/zuehl theatrics was a bracing rejoinder to just about anything you'd care to name... - Tom Smith of To Live & Shave in LA

To look at one of Gregory Jacobsen's paintings is to view a world of oozing fluid, hilarious meat, and demented animals. Set that vision to music and you get Lovely Little Girls, the band Jacobsen fronts. LLG walks a path of which the foundation is dada, psychedelics, and Beefheart, one that has been trod by Butthole Surfers, Tragic Mulatto, and Idiot Flesh. - Scott Soriano, Z-Gun zine

What makes Lovely Little Girls quite unique is the care for complex arrangements, creating quirky prog-no wave hybrids that are impressive psychodramas of melodic detours and anguished explosions, full of theatrical uneasiness. - Chain D.L.K

Tour Dates:

7/22: St. Louis, MO @ Foam w/ Hardbody, Demon Lover

7/23: Kansas City, MO @ Middle East w/ TBA

7/24: Dallas, TX @ Texas Theater w/
Akkolyte, Flesh Narc, Vaults of Zin

7/25: Ft. Worth, TX @ TBA w/ Pinkish Black

7/26: Austin, TX @ MoHA
w/ Attic Ted, Jibber & Twitch (Cardiacs cover band!)

7/27: New Orleans, LA @ Mudlark Theater
w/ Gardenella, Three Brained Robot

7/28: Nashville, TN - TBA (need help!)

8/1: Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle
w/ Bobby Conn, Walking Bicycles, Chorus of Shadows


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"Cleaning the Filth From a Delicate Frame"
GR#108 LP/CD
"Glistening Vivid Splash"
GR#118 LP/CD