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Rebecca Mitchell: vocals
Jon Loper: bass
Dare Matheson: drums
Jeff Schneider: guitar

Hailing from Providence, Rhode Island, these ex-members of Arab On Radar, La Machine, and Bossman play music. The kind that inspired Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore to buy them drinks the last time they played Brooklyn. Made in Mexico came into existence when Rebecca Mitchell moved to Providence from Oklahoma and was asked by Dare Matheson and Jon Loper (members of Providence's psychedelic freak-out ensemble La Machine) to start a band. Jon recalls that "Rebecca called and asked if I was into the idea of dragging Jeff Schneider out. Schneider was a guitarist in Arab On Radar. I'd played with him before so it seemed like a good enough idea to try."

The beginning rehearsals went strangely at first. Everyone tried their best to ease the tension by playing music they mutually agreed was good: Captain Beefheart, Devo, Chrome, Amon Duul II, Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, Sleetmute/Nightmute - and that's when writing began. The band debuted before a packed show at the Safari Lounge located in downtown Providence, with Schneider wielding his trademark Travis Bean aluminum-necked guitar. As far as the people in attendance were concerned, everything they loved about these artists was back better than ever. One sarcastic fan yelled out "Arab On Radar!" Schneider looked out into the crowd and said, "Made in Mexico!" The fan replied, "It's magic!" and it was it really was.

MADE IN MEXICO's debut album "Zodiac Zoo" is available now. The band is currently recording their next full length for release on SKiN GRAFT Records in 2008.

"The best of the post-Arab on Radar sweepstakes."
- Weasel Walter


So what does the music sound like?

I retrieved this from an e-mail sent by Jeff Schneider (apparently very late at night):

...song one begins with a part that is derived from a raga by Ali Akbar Khan... goes into a raw fugue where the rhythm section is out of time with the guitar and vocals. The title, "FAREWELL MYTH" which is much like "Give My Regards to Broadway" ...a goodbye to Sammy and all the boys at the Shangri-la.

fourth, "CLOCKWORK" ...any hip person living in Brooklyn or L.A. or Mobile could tell you what is good about this song... we listen to Television and The Modern Lovers right along with the worst of 'em, except we get something different out of the whole experience.

song seven is "NAPALM SPRINGS" a freak-out for those of us who like Harry Pussy and Cock ESP and other folks who see it necessary to vent at times. Mingus bass, screaming...

next is "FACE OF THE EARTH"... this is an MX-80 Sound song that we covered because we love it.,

10th is "ULTRAVIOLET ARMS"... Suicide, Amon Duul II, No New York, No Wave in general... ya know, Mars n' stuff.

last, twelfth... is "BLACK RABBIT" a one way trip to insanity, an orgasm of sorts, the 21st Century answer to White Rabbit now that we are sure the world is not going to survive much longer.

I hope that's a good enough answer.

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Scott Powers



GR#92CD / LP
"Zodiac Zoo"
GR#77CD / LP