catalog number: GR#102
Manufactured On Demand C


Yoshida Tatsuya / Drums
Nasuno Mitsuru / Bass
Kido Natsuki / Guitars


Yoshida Tatsuya has proven himself a major force many times over in Japan's contemporary music scene. He is the founder of Ruins and Koenjihyakkei, a member of Zeni Geva and has been cited as "[the] indisputable master drummer of the Japanese underground" by John Zorn. In Korekyojinn (alternately spelled Korekyojin), Yoshida joins Bondage Fruit's guitar wizard Kido Natsuki and Ground Zero's legendary bassist Nasuno Mitsuru to demonstrate the limitless potential of the “power trio”.

The band first formed in 1999, and while the style is recognizable to fans of Yoshida's other acts, Korekyojinn has carved out a sound all its own. The band dance on razors, are sharp as a tack - and their overwhelming ability, jettisons them into the outer limits - where progressive rock and contemporary jazz collide into a breathtaking, futuristic, hard rock funk. “Tundra” is Korekyojinn's latest, greatest and first release on Skin Graft Records.

About "Manufactured On Demand" CD (MOD CD): MOD CD's are professionally manufactured using durable, high quality CD Recordable Media - direct from the master recordings for premium uncompressed audio.


o “...could school any number of modern "brutal prog" acts on how to string together 12 disparate sections into a 5-minute tune and not have it come out a) disorganized, b) disjointed or c) too fucking insane to listen to." - Pitchfork

o “12 out of 13. "Tundra" conjures up some mind bogglingly complex moments on and some of the riffs sound shockingly difficult to play; their mathy prog sound is also backed by some really solid Classic Rock moments with chunky guitars giving a more meaty edge. This is hardly easy listening, however these are brilliantly played pieces, which you just can't turn off once you start listening. If you appreciate prog, math or even classic rock - or are just looking to hear something a bit different Korekyojinn are sure to impress.” - Room Thirteen

o ”An essential collaboration between three of the best players on the Japanese progressive rock scene." - Prog Archives

1) Swan Dive
2) Tundra
3) Upstream
4) Vanishing Point
5) Watershed
6) Xenon
7) Yellow Jacket
8) Zebra Crossing
9) Abandoned

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