"Technical Virginity"
catalog number: GR#103
Vinyl LP /

Manufactured On Demand CD



Andrew M. Gaspar: Vocals
Alex Nagle: Guitar
Evan Lipson: Bass
Vincent Klopfenstein: Drums

Philadelphia's SATANIZED was made flesh with their first live performance on the day of our Lord 06.06.06. Renowned for delivering highly intense, aberrantly convoluted, and theatrically bizarre live performances, the band has steadily conjured scathing frequencies and heavy rhythms that have left listeners trembling, pummeled and sliced - ready for sacrifice. Amid the assault, freakish moments of high musical complexity and lyrical depravity always ensure a clean kill.

Authors at a loss for words have related SATANIZED's forbidden fruit as "forward looking avant metal (?)" that simultaneously harkens back to the heavy mindfuck throb of the Jesus Lizard and the disjunct, outside-the-groove damage inflicted by Colossamite, but the cauldron's ingredients are not so easily identified, much less digested. SATANIZED push into tenebrous spaces previously unheard – a black light shining into a den of darkness.

Following their split 7” with AIDS Wolf and extensive touring, SATANIZED make their full length SKiN GRAFT Records debut with “Technical Virginity”. SATANIZED is the end times: a dense, flinty, and anomalous antidote for modern hyperreality; ritually sewing your seeds of destruction, prick by prick.

About "Manufactured On Demand" CD (MOD CD): MOD CD's are professionally manufactured using durable, high quality CD Recordable Media - direct from the master recordings for premium uncompressed audio.



o "People claiming to have been saved by God tend to recount feelings of profound peace and warmth, a calming light, and a sense of life’s greater purpose. The opposite is true when you get Satanized..." - Onion AV Club

o SATANIZED embraces the lurching menace pioneered by ruthless ’90s bands such as Colossamite. The Philly group’s demented noise rock feels assaultive on every level—no small feat in these been-there-done-that times." - Time Out New York

o "My ears are bleeding ... but I don't want to stop listening to this gross and futuristic shredfest. This totally weird band is a terrifying and truly original blend of primitive and disgusting sludge punk aesthetics and really advanced musical content. -Not to mention that I saw them play once and there were strobe lights and capes and maybe even a knife? i can't wait to hear what comes from these creeps in the future!" - Verboser

o" "If noise-punk is an energy, then Satanized is a nuclear power plant. More like an atomic holocaust actually. Mixing No Wave with hardcore elements, this Philly four-piece created such an ear-deafening racket, it was easy to overlook the shape-shifting, almost mechanical-like flow to the sound. Abrasive guitars, bass-heavy attack, pummeling drums, and vocals thick with rage, yet structured and avant-garde enough to offer more than just a muddied assault. It’s pretty clear that Satanized don’t sugarcoat anything. This crowd should happily rejoice they didn't’t suffer permanent hearing loss." - Lonely Vagabond

o "SATANIZED, as the name might suggest, make music that is confrontational and completely uncompromising. The guitars rain and slither down in jagged sheets of pure treble, backed by heavy-hitting, stop-start rhythms and a crazed vocal attack not for the squeamish. Despite all this (or maybe because of it), SATANIZED is one of the most engaging bands of their type, combining the structure and ferocity of more recent thrash acts with the pure noise nihilism of New York's seemingly forgotten "no wave" scene. As with any artist having been involved with Badmaster Records, one can expect a full-out assault, and that's exactly what SATANIZED delivers (though not without a sense of humor, as the track "Purple Pickle" illustrates)." - The Deli Philadelphia

o "The brutal uncompromising philly wrecking crew satanized espouses 'positive misanthropy' with its infamous explosive live shows and intense, punishing, mind-bending noise-rock, pushing listeners through numerous twists and turns in its dark sonic labyrinth." - The Chattanooga Pulse

1) One For Asmodeus
2) Arnaud De Verniolle
3) The Rites Of Sodomy
4) Raise The Flaccid Horn
5) Clause Of Nature
6) Perineal Wrath
7) Pain Is My Barometer
8) The Fear (To Penetrate)

- additional track (CD only):

9) Domestic Compulsions (hidden track)

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