catalog number: GR#104
Manufactured On Demand DV


Yoshida Tatsuya / Drums, Vocal
Sakamoto Kengo / Bass, Vocal
Komori Keiko / Soprano Sax
Yabuki Taku / Keyboards
AH / Vocals


For the uninitiated, imagine Yoshida Tatsuya's drum and bass punk-prog-metal duo RUINS, preaching the one true interplanetary gospel - an overcharged jazz fusion opera emboldened by reeds, keyboards and a soaring front-woman speaking in somersaulting tongues.

That still doesn't come close.

“Live at Koenji High” is a live document of a band that is indescribable - performing at home - fresh off of their European tour, and with new members AH on vocals and Yabuki Taku on keyboards. Filmed with multiple cameras and excellent sound, "Live at Koenji High" is the bare bones - no interview clips – no special features – no mysteries revealed - just Koenjihyakkei live on stage.

“Towers over most modern progressive rock because of an attention to detail and almost overwhelming force of conviction. No irony here: this rocks with the teeth and heart to cut through scenes and the "overground" like a knife.” - Pitchfork

Previously available only in a limited pressing in Japan, “Live at Koenji High” includes two new songs, unavailable anywhere else and comes packaged in a standard DVD case with all new, exclusive cover art. All Region NTSC DVD – plays worldwide.

About "Manufactured On Demand" CD (MOD CD): MOD CD's are professionally manufactured using durable, high quality CD Recordable Media - direct from the master recordings for premium uncompressed audio.


o On the Japan import DVD: Having seen this tour, this perfectly encapsulates just what makes this group so wild and so fun. This is *the* DVD to own. As usual, this is a wild race into Zeuhl territory, with all the throbbing bass, wild, Vander-inspired drumming, & Kobaian-via-Japan singing you could hope for.” - Wayside Music

o “Koenjihyakkei is a prog band that defies the criticisms of people who don’t like prog. Where the critic complains that prog is long-winded, meandering, and pretentious, Koenji is brisk, tightly arranged, and, in its own way, pleased to be entertaining, - and even catchy. For all its musical experiments, the album has the simple appeal of a potboiler novel: it picks up a flag of roaring melodrama and flourishes it rampantly, in triumph..” - Popmatters

o ”Creative in the extreme, it is a crime we haven’t had this over here sooner. Sublime prog pop with classical overtones, and the wonderfully inventive rhythm section keeps everything on the right side of barking. This is something to be absorbed, enjoyed and revered. Now, to check out the rest of their back catalogue.” - Subba-Cultacha

1) Vissqaguell
2) Becttem Pollt
3) Rattims Friezz
4) Dhorimviskha
5) Phlessttighas
6) Fettim Paillu
7) Angher Shisspa
8) Wammilica Iffirom

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