"Beating Off All Over The World"
catalog number: GR#49


On every dance floor from here to eternity, St. Louis' STRANGULATED BEATOFFS effortlessly dig a lock groove into the collective soul! Two Midwest slackers take on French House. Stan is the founding member of the legendary DRUNKS WITH GUNS. Fritz Noble plays tennis and hockey. Simple music for complicated lifestyles. 14 years and counting.

What? Who? Me? Cocky Asshole
E U Dream Of The Genies Babysitting
Bury Black Beatoffs Get Niggery
Oh,My Favorite! Countless Sheep

Stan Seitrich: vocals, guitar
Fritz Noble: moog, vcr

produced by Strangulated Beatoffs
Cover art by Fritz Noble

FUN FACT(S): The master for "Beating Off All Over The World" was turned in on a VHS tape! The original art intended for this release was the Michael Hutchence picture found on the Sin Raft bootleg 7" (sin#02), but it was left on the editing room floor due to legal problems. However the cover art used (above) was included in the book "Sample: Contemporary Music Graphics" as one of the best album covers of the year!

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