"Watch Out"
catalog number: GR#52


Watch out! MOUNT SHASTA is back to put the BOOM in your box! Produced by Steve "Debbie" Albini at Electrical Audio, this album sports so many hit's you'll be bruised all over! Kids and critics alike 'round the world agree that "Watch Out" is the Boogie-punk monster the year! Chicago's Mount Shasta take the blues of Leadbelly, the uninhibited rock of the Stooges, the soul of James Brown, the tomfoolery of Tom Waits and the volume of twin jet engines, mash 'em together and spit out infectious, PUNK ROCK! -like Bo-Didley on Cough Syrup! The drums are plodding and powerful, the guitars cringe, cut and splay, like BIG cats (for real!), the bass slinks beneath, delivering high heeled belly kicks at any vulnerable instant, and John has got a voice that sounds like he's just coming down from something and he's about to let loose! "Watch Out" is a bop, a jam, a hip shaker - one helluva a set of tunes! One small step for man, you've reached Planet Dumbass.

Lil' Hoss Vinegar Bed Tang Dynasty
Bi-Curious Brandy for Gerazol
(He's On) Planet Dumbass Barb And The Sailors
Pinche Pero It has Wings Putos Malo

Jason Benson: drums
John Forbes: vocals and guitar
Carl Brueggen: guitar
Jennifer White: bass

Recorded by "Debbie" Albini
Cover photo by Dawn Van Kampen
Art by John Forbes, Mark Fischer and Kurt Kiesel

FUN FACT(S): "Watch Out" is one of the very first albums recorded at Steve Albini's Electrical Audio Studios! This record received glowing write ups in every major Chicago newspaper (and a few minor ones!). The song "Putos Malo" was recorded previously as "Bad Pussy" for an unreleased split 7" with The Jack-O-Nuts.


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