"Economy Of Motion"
catalog number: GR#55


Ex-DAZZLING KILLMAN Nick Sakes posed this question -How does a band like Minneapolis' COLOSSAMITE fit into the scheme of things happening in music today? Borders Books And Music put 'em in the "Jazz" section. "Economy Of Motion" sounds like a comp-mix tape gone awry. A meeting ground of hardcore, "noise", "improvisation"... Black Flag vs This Heat. Aggro burdened with after thoughts and a bit-o-honey. The most Killmen-ish of the post DK bands, this one sports members of Iceburn and Gorge Trio.

The Hot House Mr. Somebody Does Something
The Eagle And The Seal
Heat vs. Temperature Pee Dio
Busy Little Hands Tooth Of Davinci
Arkansas Halo An Open-Minded Taxidermist
Tracks 10 - 23 Neither Sniff Nor Crictor
Doom + Doom = Doom Dark, Sliding Shapes

John Dieterich: guitars, manipulations
Chad Popple: percussion
Ed Rodriguez: guitars, keyboards
Nick Sakes: guitar, vocals

Jarod Russell: baritone sax
Josh Dixon: trumpet

Produced by Dave Gardner
Cover art by Bill Pisarri with Mark Fischer

FUN FACT(S): The studio figures prominently in the recording of this album - a variety of techniques are employed making for a truly stunning audio experience. The bands brief tour of Europe wound up being the band's farewell tour, drummer Chad Popple remained in Hamburg and the band dissolved shortly thereafter.

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