"Robot Alien Or Ghost"
catalog number: GR#55.5


It was a steaming hot day in New Orleans when I drove downtown to interview MC Trachiotomy in his 9th Ward home. The makeshift doorbell came off in my hand as I rang it. I was met by a friendly dog followed by a gray-haired woman in a pink bathrobe. She greeted me in muffled, denture-less speech and led me inside. Sunlight filtered through the dusty interior of what decades ago must've been a luxurious house. Entering the main room, I was greeted by MC Trachiotomy and another woman in a pink bathrobe, both with humongous, gray afros and Elton John-size sunglasses. It dawned on me that these women in bathrobes, afros and 36-24-48 measurements must be Trachiotomy's dancers, the Flattuladies. Besides his shades and afro, Trachiotomy wore just a tight pair of shorts. He laid down on a pink massage table, and throughout the interview, received a full-body massage from his Flattuladies, who spread salts and cooking oil all over him. "It's breakfast," one of them said after I remarked on the cholesterol being spread over Trachiotomy's body. He answered my questions through the mouth hole of the massage board, occasionally taking sips of beer through a straw (another part of Trachiotomy's breakfast). - by MC Pressflesh

60 Ft. Explosion
Whe Yat... Callem Up Ma Baby
BisQuit Rigolets 9W Call Out
You Are Sweet Valentine Abnormal Urination
Off The Deep Another Cigarette
My Sister's Real Name Whachu Said

MC Trachiotomy: mic
DJ Warble: turntables
DJ BisQuitto: turntables

Produced by M.C. Trachiotomy

FUN FACT(S): This album has been re-released on CD by Anal Log Records! See the links page!

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