"Soak The Saddle"
catalog number: GR#60


Powerful and cathartic, ARAB ON RADAR is a unique and unprecedented brand of psycho-neurological terrorism. This latest strain is the most dangerous, now free-er, more alive and unrooted, any semblance to daddy's rock N Roll is long gone. Live Arab On Radar generate more energy and more hysteria on stage than any band you have ever seen. Audience members have been known to have SEIZURES, HEART ATTACKS and HEIGHTENED STATES OF SEXUAL AROUSAL while watching the band perform. This is no joke. Screen printed LP jackets on the vinyl and limited edition screen printed jewel cases compliment the digital platter!

Number Five Number Seven
Number One Number Two Number Eight
Number Six Number Four
Number Nine Number Three

Mr. Type A: guitar
Mr. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: vocals
Mr. Clinical Depression: guitar
Mr. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: drums

Produced by Weasel Walter
Cover art by Brinkman and Burke

FUN FACT(S): This record was originally slated to be released by Load Records. Collectors take note: "Soak The Saddle" is available in a number of different color schemes: the vinyl sleeves have been released with both yellow and red ray spirals. The first edition of the CD features hand silk-screened jewel cases. Later versions employ brilliant silver stickers on the packaging .

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