"The Animal's Clubhouse"
catalog number: GR#63 / LP


The Animal's Clubhouse is the all new, full length album from New Orleans« Miss Pussycat. For the uninitiated, Miss Pussycat is a world class puppeteer, whose Flossie And The Unicorns show has toured with Mr. Quintron to the delight of audiences worldwide. Her albums are difficult to describe. "Puppet show soundtrack" really doesn't cut it, as her music has found multitudes of listeners who've never had the benefit of seeing the live spectacle. Her technicolor tunes are a unique concoction of DIY electronia, futuristic garage punk and helium-rave ecstasy, narrated by a host of colorful characters! Tracks include The Bee's Secret Formula, Ghost T.V., Magic Crystal Records and the title track, The Animal's Clubhouse. The LP sports an all star line-up of guest vocalists and musicians including Quintron, Judycat and M.C. Trachiotomy and this extra-special vinyl pressing comes wrapped in an eye-popping puppet-filled sleeve!!! Released on Miss P's Rhinestone imprint!

The Bee's Secret Formula
Ghost TV
Magic Crystal Records
The Animal's Clubhouse

Miss Pussycat: Manager
Flossie: lead singer
Stuffy: drums and synthesizer
Princess Pandora Stardust: lead guitar, vocals
Snicklefritz: the guitar playing turtle

Mr. Quintron: vocals
M.C. Trachiotomy: vocals
Judycat: vocals

Additional vocalists:
Nick, Jeff, Fred, John, Ann Marie, Brad, Del Vic, Mara

Produced by Miss Pussycat at the Spellcaster Lodge

FUN FACT(S): Miss Pussycat never makes the same puppet twice, maintaining that each character has it's own unique soul. The puppet of Hot (holding the records to the left was made by Miss Pussycat and SG CEO Mark Fischer at Miss P's New Orleans puppet shop!

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