"The Frog Tape"
catalog number: GR#72


What began as one of Quintron's practice tapes - the kind that usually gets erased, lost or thrown away - turned into the perfect album for Halloween night - or whenever you want to set a spooky mood.

The Frog Tape begins with haunting organ and drum buddy instrumentals, including "Bride Of Frankenstein", "Stray Cat Strut" the upbeat "Scary Office" and a creepy cover of an old Johnny Mathis song called "No Love". Also featured on side one is a demonstration of Mr. Q's eerie new "Backwards" playing technique. Not a joke of any kind, what you have here sounds like audio tape of an organ being played in reverse or like a vinyl record being spun counterclockwise - it's not! Quintron achieves this effect by damping all of his keyboard attacks with the expression pedal and swells each chord to full volume so that the "decay" becomes the attack and visa versa. The result sounds... well, it sounds like he's playing backwards!

And then closing the album, a full side of real life! Actual singing frogs, no overdubs, performing the strangest, most out of tune symphony of frog sounds you will ever hear! Part haunted house recording, part field recording, if you really want to scare people on Halloween night, or if you just want to hang around with some friends and get disturbed for fun, then you must have THE FROG TAPE!

The Throat Mood
Stray Cat Strut
Backwards Bride Of Frankenstein
Scary Office No Love

Mr. Quintron: hammond model D electric organ
hammond sounder, drum machine
drum buddy, mouth machine, vocals
Miss: Pussycat:
Boys Club Swamp Frogs: vocals

Produced by Quintron

FUN FACT(S): There are wild toads and frogs living in all 50 North American states. The original cassette edition of The Frog Tape was sold only at shows on Quintron and Miss Pussycat's Halloween tour and via SKiN GRAFT mailorder.

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