catalog number: GR#76 / CD


Like their visual namesake, RUINS are colossal. An avalanche of energy, nuanced and direct, written in stone. Japan's drum(s) and bass duo RUINS are renowned around the globe for their mind-bendingly fast and complex hyper-progressive rock onslaught. Ruins are masters of quick-change, stop/start tempos, time signatures and textures. Hardcore, psych, speed metal, art rock, funk- all are elements incorporated into their music, but what comes out is irrefutably original. Unquestionably RUINS.

Ruins formed in 1985 and along with fellow countrymen The Boredoms, are Japan's preeminent underground force. Their influence is heard in the music of Fantomas, Lightning Bolt and a generation of musical freakouts, but RUINS continue to evolve and lead the charge. Ruins have recorded with the likes of Derek Bailey and John Zorn, and have inherited the music constitution of avant-garde and progressive groups such as Magma, Frank Zappa, Henry Cow, and King Crimson but their overwhelming physical power jettisons them into another realm, beyond borders of genre, to find opened arms and dropped jaws not only within these esteemed circles, but also among hardcore punk enthusiasts and metal audiences craving speed, technical ability and razor sharp precision. Few, if any, bands can appeal equally to both Slayer fans and Debussy and Webern enthusiasts.

Following 2002's "1986-1992" (Skin Graft) & "Tzomborgha" (Ipecac) and released consecutively with their new split 7" and comic release with HIGH ON FIRE, comes RUINS' "Vrresto". Here are all of the uncanny vocalizations, psychedelic inventiveness, infectious melodies, improv spasticity, and thrashing bass/drums workouts RUINS are renowned for. Previously only available overseas, 2005 finds Vrresto receiving a domestic release, in a new edition, extensively remixed & remastered by RUINS founder Tatsuya Yoshida at Magaibitsu Studios in Tokyo. Vrresto also includes two previously unreleased tracks newly sequenced into the album, making this the broadest RUINS release to date.

Snare Warrido
Ffenniko Dagdad Kpaligoth
Cozhritto Savollodix Quopern
Laipthcic Jarregoh
Mokchilco Larikoschodel

Yoshida Tatsuya: drums, vocals
Sasaki Hisashi: six string bass / effects / vocals

Recorded at Gok Sound by Kondo Yoshiaki
Remixed at Magaibutsu Studio by
Yoshida Tatsuya

by Yoshida Tatsuya
w/ Mark Fischer

FUN FACT(S): If you were to take all of the bands that Yoshida Tatsuya has been in and put them end to end, they would wrap around the world two and a half times!

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