"Refusal Fossil (Special Edition)"
catalog number: GR#87 / CD


Japan's RUINS have extensive experience and a tireless commitment! A furious barrage of explosive and intricately composed drum(s) and bass (guitar), Ruins cover all stops between hardcore's hysteric intensity, metal's pummeling dynamics and the confounding inscription of progressive rock. No slack. No slop. Absolute masters of quick change, stop-start tempoas and time-signatures, Ruins craft an unprecedented amalgam of originality, all sung in a peculiar language of their own invention.

The first album to feature bassist Sasaki Hisashi, "Refusal Fossil (Special Edition)" reissues the long out of print "Refusal Fossil" full length, plus five additional tracks, all remixed and remastered by the band's Yoshida Tatsuya (also of Koenjihyakkei, but you know that already!). Also featuring a host of guest musicians from Japan avant scene (including Yamamoto Seiichi of Boredoms), "Refusal Fossil (Special Edition)" boasts an astounding twenty-five cuts in all: An hour-plus blast of zig-zag calisthenics!

Refusal Fossil Uskilsdos Zaimm
Stara Planina Eccentric Ditch Etymology
Empty Hands Der Strudel Still Life
7th Dimension Faux Numero Calnac
Heraklion Ramification
Misconduction Reckless Stone
You Know What You Like
Heaven and Hell
Hyderomastgroningem Burning Stone
Plexus Dhaskrive Gravestone
Del Fanci Kant Infect
Prog Rock Medley

Yoshida Tatsuya: drums, vocals
Sasaki Hisashi: bass

Masuda Ryuichi: bass on live tracks
Kikuchi Navuyoshi: saxophone
Yamamoto Seiichi: guitar
Emi Eleonda: vocals

Produced by Ruins at Magaibutsu Studio
Art by Kurt Kiesel, Colm O'Reilly, Bill Pisarri and Mark Fischer

FUN FACT(S): This is the first release to feature bassist Sasaki Hayashi. Ruins have toured around the world numerous times, most noticeably as part of the Japanese New Music Festival, where Yoshida has managed to create a spell binding lineup of five bands out of just three performers!

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