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B A L L P E E N B U L L E T I N S ( ! )

Jazzy Joe Romita back at it again. Let's jump right on in. Take a seat, cause we're starting off with some difficult news...

ITEM! Mount Shasta has disbanded. We'll try to get Jammin' John Forbes to give you a full report soon, as well as an update on his new band Tijuana Hercules. Mount Shasta has been a big part of this label for an awful long time and their passing is not easy for any of us around here. In their honor, plans are underway to re-release Mount Shasta's Deluxe picture LP with Tokyo's Space Streakings, SHAKUHACHI SURPRISE. Watch the mailorder section for details.

ITEM! And whammy number two, though we've long suspected this to be true, It's now official friends, Colossamite has parted ways. After the bands wildly successful tour of Europe, drummer Chad Popple opted not to return to the states anytime soon. As a result the band is calling it quits. Nick has already started a new band, Sic-Bay and John will be moving to California to continue his education. Gorge Trio plans to continue as a "geographically challenged" band.

ITEM! On the road again and again-! The most exciting band in the world - ARAB ON RADAR, will begin touring in support of "Soak The Saddle", March 9th. Weasel Walter will be touring with 7,000 Dying Rats ...... and The Flying Luttenbachers will be taking the show on the road This April. See our tour dates section for the latest confirmed gigs.

ITEM! SKiN GRAFT Hollywood - Yessirree that indeed is U.S. Maple's Amiable Al Johnson in a cameo role in the smash hit High Fidelity (you'll see him in the record store asking for a Captain Beefheart record!). And the keen-eyed among you will see lots of skin graft posters littering the background. And yes, you have been hearing Brise-Glace on those goofy shorts on Saturday Night Live! With such an outpouring of interest from the mainstream media, we can only ask - how long til we see Serious Brown joining the cast of ER?

ITEM! And we can indeed confirm this fall's new releases: CHEER-ACCIDENT salad days on CD FLOSSIE AND THE UNICORNS the animals clubhouse on LP - - - More details to come! ITEM! On the sales tip- The hyper-limited first pressing of Arab On RadarŐs "Soak The Saddle" CD is in stores now! Each copy comes packed in a hand silk-screened jewel case courtesy of designer Neil Burke!!! Copies are $10 each postpaid (u.s.) direct from us! And the new Arab On Radar T-shirt is ready for ordering! On the front - the spooky face design (found on the back of the cd) in sparkly silver ink on a mod black shirt. And the sg logo is on the flipside!!!!! Specify tight or loose.

SKiN Graft's Editor In Chief has been packing his bags for the big move to Europe. His wedding will be held on July 7th in the city of Tulln, near Vienna. Congrats may be sent to Mark and Johanna care of Skin Graft and we'll make sure they get 'em!

ITEM! And to wrap up this installment, I thought I'd answer two frequently asked questions...

>>( ! ) Do you have any of the copies of the original
SKiN GRAFT zines or comic books for sale?

Unfortunately, no. But we will be posting classic covers and selected strips from the original skin graft comix in the near future! Watch for announcements on the all-new revamped website soon!!

>>( ! ) I have a complete collection of SKiN GRAFT
Records except for numbers 08, 21, 23, 28, 29, 30 and 41.

I'm going banana's trying to find them! Can you help me?
We at SKiN GRAFT know oh so well the sleepless nights a collector endures whilst in search of those elusive "holes"! Why SG's own Oops Wilson needs only one evasive issue of "Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen" to complete his run of Jack Kirby Fourth World comics. We've sent poor Oops home to take a nap three times this week alone!

SKiN GRAFT Records issue number GR08 was the DAZZLING KILLMEN "Lounge Ax" cassette. Only 300 were made and it was sold exclusively at shows and through the mailorder department.

Issue number 23 was a planned promotional single for the YONA-KIT LP, featuring a special edit of "Frankenbitch" and an lock groove of the album's final track "Slice Of Life". This record was never released because at the eleventh hour, it was scrapped in favor of a promotional cd of the album that featured generic artwork and the pic found on the inner tray of the commercial cd release.

Issues GR21, 29, and 41 were never released outside of South America. These are the three Now Wave compilations that were later collected on the Camp SKiN GRAFT cd (catalog number GR50).

And finally, catalog numbers GR28 and 30 are as yet unreleased and are being reserved for the AC/DC Sides series finale!!!!

Okay readers - that's all for now. Don't reserve a moment of silence for our dearly departed Mount Shasta and Colossamite, instead whip those records out and play 'em real loud. If the neighbors complain, just tell 'em Jazzy Joe made ya do it! - Til next time...


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