Letter From M.C. Trachiotomy:
ATTENZIONE! POR FAVOR: I, J Poggi & MC Trachiotomy  have left the Republica de’ Bi Agua and have cleared New Orleans temporarily of my mortal remains, to aid in the evacuation of  a pregnant lady, in the chariot of  “DANGER” Dan Fusilier, and will be drying out on the beach  with mi' perros Pablo and Shinequa. We hunkered down, dug in, and held on, securing, supplying, protecting, bandaging, watering, and feeding all we were able, from th’Pearl. YO! with much love and thanks very much to Jeffe Mattson, Raven H.Kalal, Sabrina Hinajosa, Jayme Kalal, "DANGER" Dan Fuselier, Mikey Serebrini and Jumbo. These people, I worked most closely with through out the storm and for the many days following, to ensure our friends, neighbors and neighborhood remained secure and in as high of spiritits as possible…………….. ………And then……………………………………………………. YO! gimme a beat “B” dududududubububudbbudbbudbbubudbdbmamamam ma ma ma  One afternoon the “TRUE” threat reared it's 7 vile heads, 3rd world style. The “REAL” help, the N.O P.D., finally felt safe enough to roll down the street 6 days after the storm passed and completely relieved Jeffe and myself of our protective devices. The Police, refusing to relinquish their true names or badge #'s got photographed by Jeffe. This resulted in Jeffe being smashing to the ground with gun barrels to his throat and having the camera, which he had captured there fascist faces on removed, leaving him with several abrasions and a split head as well as a blown out knee. Those who know Jeffe’s  spirit, know his spirit will never be broken. After all what should be expected from "people" working for a mere 300 tax dollars a day, free meals, and all they can steal. The police, the Klan, the mafia, same, same, same. "FUCK THE PO-LICE" wickity wick wickety wack! All in all we are alive and well. Special thanks to the Able Household in Baton Rouge and all of the people across the nation who are grouping and bonding together to give support to and continue the waves of aid on all levels, even if they are merely good intentions. Those who know Jeffe’s  spirit, know his spirit will never be broken. He is still in the Republica’de’Bi Agua, as of Sept 5th as well as Mikey Serebrini and Jumbo. As of Sept 5th to my knowledge. ( last contact was sunset of  the 3rd.) They have my contact info and I will forward all info  upon hearing it Ms. Antoinette K-DOE ain’t leavin the K-Doe Mother in Law Empire “Fa’Nuthin”. If anyone can get a generator w/fuel as well as water and ammo to her on Columbus and Claiborne please do this, food is good too! Also, people across the nation are planning benifits music shows for the musicians of New Orleans regrouping situation. If you wanna help in your area holla back for more details and contact information. Thanks for the good thoughts and the white light in the black of noon. We will be back with a renewed vigor not seen by many. Starlings rule!

Mucho Amor'e
ciao Bella
J. Poggi