Hope Freaks

LP/CD and Ultimate Edition

produced by Steve Albini

mastered by Weasel Walter

Performed by PRE!


" Hope Freaks " - t r a c k . l i s t i n g :
gang of wire
haircut, tacos
the junk
why be wives
teenage lakes

Not Neccessary

love crunch
hope freaks
new prints
sleep weak

PRE "Epic Fits"
available in four editions:
Limited Edition Metal Box CD,
standard CD, audio download
and gatefold vinyl LP

"Live Dates" Bootleg
7" & Calendar

" e p i c - f i t s " - t r a c k . l i s t i n g :
Fudging on our Folks
Scenes from a 1963 Los Angeles Love-in
Slash in the Snake Pit
Ace Cock
I Met Her in the Bin
Nope Fun
So Jazzed
Dude Fuk
Popping Showers
And Prolapse...
Ride Ride Ride
Know Yr Teachers

PRE "Epic Fits" is available as a standard jewel-cased CD from Skin Graft Records, an audio download from i-tunes and others, a gatefold blue vinyl LP from Lovepump United, and in a limited first edition CD of 1,250 copies from Skin Graft Records.
The Limited Edition includes: an embossed metal box, a fold-out poster sleeve, "i love you shitmouth" insert, and an individually numbered wraparound obi- all packaged in a resealable poly-bag.
Also available:
PRE /AIDS WOLF bootleg vinyl 7" single
with calendar sleeve of compromising band photos
UNAUTHORIZED: siezed by Skin Graft Records for lawful distribution