SKiN Graft Internet Radio!!! Well it's been a good looonng while since DJ Peters has spun a show for us here at the Radio page. Supersphere studios have decreased their live broadcasts of late and our affable DJ was petitioned by Chicago's WNUR to start spinning for them! But all is not lost! Thanks to the wonders of the internet, you can listen to the archive of SKiN Graft radio shows below AT YOUR DEMAND! You'll hear an assortment of SKiN GRAFT classics, some live stuff, some unreleased goodies, songs from our pals and the best (and worst) of the demos sent to SKiN Graft!

AND SKiN GRAFT CEO, ART CEASER (sic) has made a special arrangement with "Gnarly" Nick Sakes (renowned as the singer /ax man of DAZZLING KILLMEN, COLOSSAMITE, and SICBAY) to present SICBAY's Map Reference Radio to SKiN GRAFT dot com visitors!! It's hour after hour of listening pleasure, and they're adding MORE bands to the program all of the time!!!! So what are you reading this for? Tune in and tune all of that other crap out!

Click an episode to start listening!

SICBAY's Map Reference Radio open for listening as of 12.22.01

SKiN GRAFT Radio Webisode 7 originally broadcast 08.22.00

SKiN GRAFT Radio Webisode 6 originally broadcast 08.02.00

SKiN GRAFT Radio Webisode 5 originally broadcast 06.28.00

SKiN GRAFT Radio Webisode 4 originally broadcast 06.21.00

SKiN GRAFT Radio Webisode 3 originally broadcast 05.17.00

SKiN GRAFT Radio Webisode 2 originally broadcast 05.03.00

SKiN GRAFT Radio Webisode 1 originally broadcast 04.19.00

The Flying Luttenbachers' Weasel Walter monster mix !



All of SKiN GRAFT RADIO's programming requires the Real Player plug in. Get it here: