"Gumballhead The Cat"
catalog number: GR#67
CD & Comic Book Set


In 1986, SKiN GRAFT tip-toed onto the scene as a self-published comic-zine by high school buddies Mark Fischer and Rob Syers. In the years following, both have continued to hone their cartooning skills; Mark pouring much of his efforts into the SKiN GRAFT Record Company while Rob chronicled the adventures of his most infamous character, GUMBALLHEAD THE CAT. Gumballhead has gained renown over the years as a regular feature in ROCTOBER magazine and through his appearances on Skin Graft album covers for MOUNT SHASTA and SHAKUHACHI SURPRISE.

Now, in a masterful multi-media mish-mosh of formats, Rob has drawn up a full length Gumballhead The Cat adventure "The Mystery Treasure Of The San Miguel Apartments", a mind-boggling foray into the sublimely ridiculous; filled with suspense, balls-out action, playstation addicted rave kids, hard rocking bikers and deals gone bad. Accompanying this all new comic book is an exclusive CD soundtrack by Chicago's No Wave / Prog Rock masters, CHEER-ACCIDENT, boasting a palette of rich musical textures and an engaging combination of "in-the-moment" whimsy and thoughtful, inventive composition; perfectly suited to bring the broad ink strokes of Gumballhead The Cat into the fifth dimension.

The necessity to provide the musical accompaniment for Gumballhead The Cat afforded CHEER-ACCIDENT the perfect opportunity to reveal the aesthetic leap taken by the band between October 2002 and March 2003. In other words, they've done it again: Here is a full-length's worth of audio intrigue and jaw dropping dynamic group interplay - bordering on the telepathic. Delving deeply into the realm of psychic musical intercourse and spontaneous sonic invention, CHEER-ACCIDENT has captured several unique, "lightning in a bottle" aural episodes, adroitly extrapolated into an impressively integrated composition. Joined on one track by master accordionist / synthesist / improviser (and Lozenge member) Kyle Bruckmann, CHEER-ACCIDENT unleash 13 brand new songs running the gamut from creepy to hard-rocking to melodic to downright funny.

The CHEER-ACCIDENT "Gumballhead The Cat" CD and comic set comes packaged in a format unique to this edition - the big 7" x 7" comic book is packed in a resealable plastic sleeve! In a confounding, masterful stroke of cross-marketing, Chicago's THREE FLOYDS Brewery will introduce "Gumballhead Beer" for national distribution wherever Three Floyd's beers are sold. The added exposure of Gumballhead's loveable mug on this tasty, flavorful wheat beer, in conjunction with this CD and comic set, is guaranteed to send heads spinning as Skin Graft Entertainment reaches new plateaus of absurdity.

Birdeater No Cavalry The Moe Moes
The Mystery Treasure Of The San Miguel Apartments Nobody's Home, Nobody's Still Home
Time For More Walking
Truth Laid Bare In The Weak Glow Of Grow Lights
You're It, Motherfucker Notary Public
Non Smoking Floor High Score
Graceful Beautiful Animal
Ride On, Drink Beer, Get Clean

Jamie Fillmore
Thymme Jones
Jeff Libersher

Instruments include:
Guitars (many different kinds), Drums, Synthesizers, Banjo, Air Organ, Maracas, Vocals, Accordion, Piano

Kyle Bruckmann

Recorded by Cheer-Accident

Comic Written & Drawn by Rob Syers
Cover by Rob Syers / Color by Mark Fischer

This set is being released consecutively with THREE FLOYDS "Gumballhead Beer". There's no denying that the world over, people love rock music, comic books and beer!


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