"Open Mouth, O Wisp"
catalog number: GR#70 / CD


"Open Mouth, O' Wisp" is GORGE TRIO's magnum opus - 22 tracks of fragmented genius, running the gamut from Harry Pussy to Harry Partch - meticulously constructed over a three-year period. With a palette as effectual and varied as the Sun City Girls, and a language as undeniably singular as Lightning Bolt's, "Open Mouth, O Wisp" revels in the fact that anything is possible. An ambitious statement delivered with virtuosity and conviction... a special delivery to those souls with a burning passion for tomorrow today.

GORGE TRIO is comprised of 3/4th's of the critically acclaimed COLOSSAMITE, which disbanded in 1998, and is survived by three releases on SKiN GRAFT. GORGE TRIO includes current members of DEERHOOF, The FLYING LUTTENBACHERS, NATURAL DREAMERS, and former members of underground pioneers ICEBURN and SICBAY.

a comedy in sun memo to an apparition
plum sign words the invisible student
intimate addition
dawn of a piccolo
roof halves and dewdrop gems
the lurker
youth island
divining a hot spot
living with tigers
the spa bird
paris trap that pilot set
bitter drum
masks for quilts
health seekers
the age of almost living
open mouth, o wisp
treasure house in amber

Chad Popple: Drums, percussion, vibraphone, glockenspiel
Ed Rodriguez: Guitar, piano, organ, marimba
John Dieterich: Guitar, keyboards, electronics

Keiko Beers, flute on track 5
Brett Larner, koto on tracks 14 and 22
Tennis Saya, vocals on track 22

Recorded by Gorge Trio, Jay Pellicci with Lela Ross,
Marco Taglioli and Fabio Magistrali and
Brooce Templeton

Mixed and mastered by Gorge Trio
and Eli Crews

Cover art by Mark Fischer

FUN FACT(S): Though their debut album, "Dead Chicken Fear No Knife was released around the same time as COLOSSAMITE's final release "Economy Of Motion", GORGE TRIO actually predates COLOSSAMITE~!!!