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# Title Director Writer Rated Year Studio Genre
1 Optoma 3D-XL Converter Box
2 Optoma BG-ZD101 DLP Link 3D Glasses
3 Optoma BG-ZD201 DLP Link 3D Glasses
4 Optoma HD66 3D-Ready DLP Home Theater Projector
5 Sony BDP-S780 3D Blu-ray Disc Player
6 Sony PlayStation 3 160GB Slim
7 Sony PlayStation 3 Logitech Cordless MediaBoard Pro
8 Sony Playstation DualShock 3 Wireless Controller
9 Sony PlayStation Eye
10 Sony PlayStation Move Charging Station
11 Sony Playstation Move Motion Controller
12 Sony Playstation Move Navigation Controller
13 Sony Playstation Move Sharp Shooter
14 Alice In Wonderland (3D Blu-Ray) Tim Burton PG Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment Kids & Family
15 Alpha and Omega (3D Blu-Ray) Anthony Bell, Ben Gluck Tous publics 2010 Metropolitan Vidéo Action, Aventure, Policier et Thriller
16 Animals United (3D Blu-Ray) Universal, suitable for all Eiv Action & Adventure
17 Avatar (3D Blu-Ray) James Cameron 20th Century Fox Action & Adventure
18 Battle for Terra (3D Blu-Ray) Aristomenis Tsirbas Freigegeben ab 12 Jahren 2007 Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Science Fiction & Fantasy
19 Bear 3D (Blu-Ray 3D) John Rebel, Dickey Beer Freigegeben ab 16 Jahren 2010 Ascot Elite Home Entertainment Action & Thriller
20 Bolt (3D Blu-Ray) Chris Williams Parental Guidance Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment Children's
21 Cargo 3D (3D Blu-Ray) Ivan Engler Freigegeben ab 16 Jahren 2011 Ascot Elite Home Entertainment Science Fiction & Fantasy
22 Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore (3D Blu-Ray) PG 2010 Warner Home Video Kids & Family
23 The Child's Eye (3D Blu-Ray)
24 A Christmas Carol (3D Blu-Ray) PG Walt Disney Pictures Animation
25 The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader (3D Blu-Ray) Michael Apted PG 2010 20th Century Fox Thrillers
26 Cirque Du Soleil: Journey of a Man (3D Blu-Ray) NR Sony Pictures Television
27 Clash of Titans (3D Blu-Ray) LOUIS LETERRIER Action & Adventure
28 Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (3D Blu-Ray) Phil Lord;Chris Miller PG SONY PICTURES Kids & Family
29 Coraline (3D Blu-Ray) PG 2009 Universal Studios Animation
30 Dark Country (3D Blu-Ray) Thomas Jane Accord parental souhaité Metropolitan Vidéo Action, Aventure, Policier et Thriller
31 Deep Ocean Experience (3D Blu-Ray) Filmic Art Exempt 2011 Filmic Art Documentary
32 Despicable Me (3D Blu-Ray) PG Universal Studios Kids & Family
33 Drive Angry (3D Blu-Ray) R 2011 Summit Entertainment Thrillers
34 The Fabric of Time (3D Blu-Ray) Action & Adventure
35 Friends for Life (3D Blu-Ray) Action & Adventure
36 Garfield's Pet Force (3D Blu-Ray) Fox Home Entertainment
37 Gnomeo And Juliet (3D Blu-Ray) Touchstone Action & Adventure
38 The Green Hornet (3D Blu-Ray) Michel Gondry 2011 Sony Pictures Action & Adventure
39 Gulliver's Travels (3D Blu-Ray) PG 2010 20th Century Fox
40 The Hole (3D Blu-Ray) Suitable for 12 years and over Entertainment One Action & Adventure
41 How to Train Your Dragon (3D Blu-Ray) Dean DeBlois and Chris Sanders PG 2010 DreamWorks Thrillers
42 Hybrid (3D Blu-Ray) Eric Valette Freigegeben ab 12 Jahren 2010 Universum Film GmbH Sprachfassungen
43 Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (3D Blu-Ray) Carlos Saldanha G 2009
44 IMAX: Deep Sea (3D Blu-Ray) NR 2006 Imax Art House & International
45 IMAX: Dinosaurs Alive! (3D Blu-ray) Bayley Silleck;David Clark IMAGE ENTERTAINMENT Documentary
46 IMAX: Dinosaurs: Giants of Patagonia (3D Blu-Ray) Marc Fafard 2010 IMAGE ENTERTAINMENT Documentary
47 IMAX: Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk (3D Blu-Ray) Greg MacGillivray 2010 IMAGE ENTERTAINMENT Documentary
48 Imax: Hubble (3D Blu-Ray) Toni Myers G 2011 Imax Documentary
49 IMAX: Legends of Flight (3D Blu-Ray) Stephen Low IMAGE ENTERTAINMENT Documentary
50 IMAX: Space Station (3D Blu-Ray) Warner Home Video Action & Adventure
51 IMAX: The Ultimate Wave: Tahiti (3D Blu-Ray) Stephen Low NR 2009 IMAGE ENTERTAINMENT Documentary
52 IMAX: Triple Feature: Galapagos / Into the Deep / Mummies (3D Blu-Ray)
53 IMAX: Under the Sea (3D Blu-Ray) NR 2009 Imax Art House & International
54 IMAX: Wild Ocean (3D Blu-Ray) Luke Cresswell;Steve McNicholas Unrated IMAGE ENTERTAINMENT Documentary
55 Inalienable (Blu-Ray 3D) Robert Dyke Freigegeben ab 16 Jahren 2008 Alive - Vertrieb und Marketing/DVD Science Fiction & Fantasy
56 Jean-Michel Cousteau's Film Trilogy: Sharks / Dolphins and Whales / Ocean Wonderland (3D Blu-Ray) G Universal
57 Killer Movie (3D Blu-Ray) Jeff Fischer Freigegeben ab 18 Jahren 2008 Koch Media GmbH - DVD Sprachfassungen
58 The Last Airbender (3D Blu-Ray) M. Night Shyamalan PG 2010 Paramount Pictures Science Fiction & Fantasy
59 Legend of the Guardians: Owls of Ga'hoole (3D Blu-Ray) PG Warner Home Video Kids & Family
60 Lichtmond: Moonlight (3D Blu-Ray) diverse Freigegeben ohne Altersbeschränkung 2011 blu phase media (AL!VE)
61 Loooser: The Grand (3D-Blu-Ray) Zak Penn Freigegeben ab 16 Jahren 2007 Lighthouse Home Entertainment Action & Thriller
62 Magic Journey To Africa (Blu-Ray 3D) Jordi Llompart tp 2010 Warner Home Video
63 Megamind (3D Blu-Ray) PG 2010 Paramount / Dreamworks Kids & Family
64 Monster House (3D Blu-Ray) PG 2006 Sony Pictures Kids & Family
65 Monsters vs. Aliens (3D Blu-Ray) Rob Letterman, Conrad Vernon PG 2009 DreamWorks Home Entertainment Urban
66 My Bloody Valentine (3D Blu-Ray) R 2009 Lionsgate Mystery & Suspense
67 Natalie (3D Blu-Ray) Joo Kyeong Joong III Kam & Ronson Enterprises Co Ltd
68 Oceanworld 3D (3D Blu-Ray) Jean-Jacques Mantello Video Film Express Natuur & Dierenleven
69 The Official 2010 FIFA World Cup Film (3D Blu-Ray) NR Sony Pictures Sports
70 Open Season (3D Blu-Ray) PG Columbia/Tri-Star Kids & Family
71 Piranha (3D Blu-Ray) Alejandre Aja R 2010 Sony Television
72 Polar Express (3D Blu-Ray) G 2004 Warner Home Video Kids & Family
73 Resident Evil: Afterlife (3D Blu-Ray) Paul W. S. Anderson R 2010 Screen Gems
74 Sammy's Adventures: The Secret Passage (3D Blu-Ray) Ben Stassen
75 Sanctum (3D Blu-Ray) R Uni Dist Corp. (Mca) Thrillers
76 Saw 3D: The Final Chapter (3D Blu-Ray) Unrated Lionsgate Action & Adventure
77 Scar 3D (Blu-Ray 3D) Jed Weintrob Freigegeben ab 18 Jahren 2007 Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Sprachfassungen
78 The Shock Labyrinth (3D Blu-Ray) Shimizu Takashi
79 Shrek: The Complete Collection (3D Blu-Ray) PG 2010 DreamWorks Thrillers
80 Space Chimps 2 (3D Blu-Ray) H. Williams John Tous publics 2010 M6 Vidéo Histoires vraies
81 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2011: The 3D Experience (3D Blu-Ray) NR Columbia/Tri-Star Sports
82 Step Up 3D (3D Blu-Ray) PG-13 2010 Touchstone Pictures
83 StreetDance 3D (3D Blu-Ray) Max Giwa, Dania Pasquini Freigegeben ab 6 Jahren 2010 Universum Film GmbH Drama
84 Striker 3D: Wildlife 1 (3D Blu-Ray) . Freigegeben ohne Altersbeschränkung 2006 More2C im Vertrieb der KNM Home Entertainment GmbH Dokumentationen
85 Tangled (3D Blu-Ray) Byron Howard, Nathan Greno PG Walt Disney Pictures Animation
86 This Ain't Avatar XXX (3D Blu-Ray) Action & Adventure
87 Tron: Legacy 3D / Tron: Original (3D Blu-Ray) Walt Disney Pictures Thrillers
88 Universe: 7 Wonders of the Solar System (3D Blu-Ray) The History Channel PG 2010 A&E HOME VIDEO WGBH Boston
89 Yogi Bear (3D Blu-Ray) PG 2010 Warner Home Video Animation
90 Yu-Gi-Oh: Bonds Beyond Time (3D Blu-Ray) Kenichi Takeshita Parental Guidance Manga Entertainment Zone of the Enders
91 Yukie Kawamura: Renaissance (3D Blu-Ray) Kam & Ronson Enterprises Co Ltd
92 3D Stooges & Shorts (3D DVD)
93 A.P.E. aka Hideous Mutant (3D DVD)
94 The Adventures of SharkBoy and LavaGirl (3D DVD) Robert Rodriguez PG Troublesmaker Studios Art House & International
95 Blood Sisters (3D DVD) Joe Castro Kyle Kline R 2003 Razor Digital Entertainment Horror
96 Bloody Tease (3D DVD) Unrated 2002 Razor Digital Entertainment Horror
97 The Bubble (3D DVD)
98 Cat-Women of the Moon (3D DVD) Arthur Hilton Roy Hamilton NR 1953 Image Entertainment Action & Adventure
99 Comin' At Ya! (3D DVD)
100 Creature From the Black Lagoon 3D (3D DVD) Jack Arnold Arthur A. Ross, Harry Essex, Maurice Zimm G 1954 Universal Studios Science Fiction & Fantasy
101 The Creeps (3D DVD) Charles Band Full Moon Entertainment
102 Dial M for Murder (3D DVD) Alfred Hitchcock PG 1954 Warner Home Video Mystery & Suspense
103 Evil Unleashed: The Mummy (3D DVD) Razor Unrated 2003 Razor Digital Entertainment Horror
104 The French Line (3D DVD) NR 1954 Warner Home Video
105 Friday the 13th, Part 3 (3D DVD) Steve Miner Carol Watson, Martin Kitrosser, Petru Popescu, Ron Kurz, Victor Miller R Paramount Television
106 Ghosts of the Abyss (3D DVD) James Cameron PG Walt Disney Video Documentary
107 Gog (3D DVD)
108 House of Wax (3D DVD) André De Toth, Michael Curtiz Don Mullaly Unrated 1953 Warner Home Video Horror
109 IMAX: Alien Adventure (3D DVD) Ben Stassen NR 2000 Sling Shot Action & Adventure
110 IMAX: Encounter in the Third Dimension (3D DVD) Ben Stassen, Sean MacLeod Phillips NR 1999 Sling Shot Science Fiction & Fantasy
111 IMAX: Haunted Castle (3D DVD) Ben Stassen PG 2001 Sling Shot Documentary
112 IMAX: SOS Planet (3D DVD) Ben Stassen PG Sling Shot Documentary
113 IMAX: Ultimate G's (3D DVD) Keith Melton Jean Bergeron NR 2000 Sling Shot Documentary
114 It Came From Outer Space (3D DVD) Jack Arnold Ray Bradbury G 1953 Universal Studios Kids & Family
115 Jaws 3D (3D DVD) PG Action & Adventure
116 The Mad Magician (3D DVD)
117 The Maze (3D DVD)
118 Misadventures in 3D (3D DVD) Action & Adventure
119 More Movie Ride Madness (3D DVD) Action & Adventure
120 Movie Ride Madness (3D DVD) Action & Adventure
121 Night Of The Living Dead 3D (3D DVD) Jeff Broadstreet R LIONS GATE Thrillers
122 Revenge of the Creature (3D DVD) Jack Arnold William Alland, Martin Berkeley Unrated 1955 Universal Studios
123 Robot Monster (3D DVD) Phil Tucker Wyott Ordung NR 1953 Image Entertainment Cult Movies
124 Santa vs. The Snowman (3D DVD) John A. David O Entertainment
125 Spy Kids 3-D Game Over (3D DVD) Robert Rodriguez G TroubleMaker Studios Art House & International
126 Taza, Son of Cochise (3D DVD) Action & Adventure
127 Transitions 3D (3D DVD) Documentary
128 Zombie Chronicles (3D DVD) Brad Sykes Garrett Clancy NR 2001 Sling Shot Horror
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