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SKiN GRAFT's Ace Reporter, "Jazzy" Joe Romita comin' atcha yet again! As many of you already know, I'm your inside connection to the goings on at the SKiN GRAFT Record Company. You can count on me to bring you all of the latest info on your favorite bands and the steaming scoop on new releases before you hear it from anybody else!

Let me be the first to welcome to the brand spankin' new SKIN GRAFT Records website! We've been perilously poundin' our pinkys 'pon the keyboards for months now to bring you the state of the art DIY website you've been clamoring for! There's so much to see here, my aching fingers would never forgive yours truly if I typed it all out for you now - SO your best bet is to hop that electronic wave and start surfing around! But before I turn you loose, a couple of tips -!

Be sure to check out the SGTV page! Among a flurry of frenzied flicks from our rabble rousin' roster, you'll find the teeny sampling of the exciting new infomercial that EVERYbody's been talking about - The DRUM BUDDY show! And after that, wander over to our wild new catalog page for details on how to order the Drum Buddy Demonstration vinyl record! This video is just a hint of what's in store for you, soon you'll be able to purchase your very own VHS copy of the complete 49 minute show and The Drum Buddy Demo LP on CD! Keep watching for details!

Also at the aforementioned catalog page you'll find details on our other new audio adventures: CHEER-ACCIDENT's "Salad Days" CD, FLOSSIE And THE UNICORNS "The Animals Clubhouse" LP and ARAB ON RADAR's "Soak The Saddle" LP/CD (about to enter it's fourth pressing!). And back in print - the SHAKUHACHI SURPRISE LP DELUXE featuring the now legendary team-up of Tokyo's SPACE STREAKINGS and Chicago's MOUNT SHASTA!

And while you explore the wilds of our site, be sure to check out the Electronic Comics page for lots of puzzling prose and pics from SKiN GRAFT's long sealed original art vaults~! You'll find some of the latest laffs from the SG Bullpen as well as stuff you've surely NEVER seen!

Need more biographical info on that favorite SG band for your Masters Thesis in SkiN GRAFT-ology? Most of the Band Pages devoted to your favorite SG arteest's have yet to be constructed, but if you slide over, you'll already find info on ARAB ON RADAR, DAZZLING KILLMEN, BRISE-GLACE, RUINS, CHEER-ACCIDENT, MELT BANANA and U.S. MAPLE. A peak at our Photo Galleries should satisfy the legions flooding our email boxes demanding more pics of our glamorous alumni and rambunctious roster!

And to thank you for stopping by, we've laid out a full spread of free samples for you to chomp on! At the audio page you're welcome to dig into our FREE MP3's! There's no better way to answer that most nagging question "What's it sound like", than filling your ears with the real deal!

You can email your comments on our new site to SG editor-in-Chief / webmaster Mark Fischer at mark@skingraftrecords.com. If you encounter any difficulties or weirdness, let us know!

And here's some of the latest news from the SKiN GRAFT compound...

ITEM! Lots of touring going down these days! CHEER-ACCIDENT recently finished a mini tour of the East Coast, while ARAB ON RADAR and THE FLYING LUTTENBACHERS destroyed Europe in grand fashion. Check the Tours page for info on USA dates from Japan's prog-punk kingpins RUINS and the all-new FLYING LUTTENBACHERS!

ITEM! ARAB ON RADAR has just about finished writing the material for their next LP! We'll keep you posted as details of the impending recording session are finalized! And now available for purchase, an outlandish metalic AOR vinyl sticker perfect for your notebook, high school locker or forehead! Check out the skin graft merchandise section in the distributed items portion of our catalog!

ITEM! It's CONTEST TIME here at SGDOTCOM! It's a well known fact that the typical SKiN GRAFT fanatic is a tad more creative than his peers, so we're giving you the opportunity to strut your stuff! For details on the contest, go to any one of the thumbnail pages found in the Photogalleries and click on the SERIOUS BROWN Banner above!

CHEER-ACCIDENT has recorded their contribution to the final installment of SKiN GRAFT's AC/DC tribute series! Also in the can, tracks from COLOSSAMITE and SPACE STREAKINGS... plus the secret final recordings from two of Touch And Go Record's veterans - MULE and TAR!!!

Those crafty SG cartoonists are keeping their drawing hands limber on a multitude of projects! Here's a quick round up of the latest releases! SKiN GRAFT comix have popped up in Chicago's premiere masked rock-n-roll zine ROCTOBER! Mirthful Mark Fischer delivered the cover to the "King Size" 25th Anniversary update issue to rave reviews. To see a larger pic of the cover,click the mini to the right! - And in issue #26, the comics galore issue, Rowdy Rob Syers (assisted by Chuck Reagan and Jonny Carcinogen) kicked out "The Nine Life Deathwish of Gumballhead The Cat" (that's right - the rascally cover star on those Mount Shasta records!). We've put the complete story up for your reading pleasure at the Electronic Comics page! Also in #26, Mark lays out four pages of confusion "Astonishing Romance", a homage to Marvel's tiny crimefighters of the 60's! And as I type, the latest Roctober has arrived - an amazing All Sammy Davis Jr. Issue in a dead-on MAXIMUM ROCK N ROLL format! And Rob's served up some more new comics inside!! As if that weren't enuf, check out the latest issue of BUNNYHOP featuring Mark's illustration of musicano weirdo Momus! You can find out how to order your copies of each magazine by checking the links page!

ITEM! ARAB ON RADAR have completed the recording of their new LP "Yahweh Or The Highway" with producer Weasel Walter! The album is slated for a fall 2001 release. We'll have more details for you as the summer progresses~! The band has a newly revamped website up and running, you can check it out by going to our links page. And a new ARAB ON RADAR concert video (from their New York show at Brownies on 2001-02-25) is available for streaming on your computer at the DIGITAL CLUB NETWORK. Click here to tune in: http://www.dcn.com!

ITEM! The new FLYING LUTTENBACHERS line-up (A three-piece featuring Weasel Walter on drums and Jonathan Hischke and Alex Perkolup on dueling bass guitars) played its first two shows recently - one with Ruins and Cheer-Accident and another with Kevin Drumm and Wolf Eyes. A Summer tour of the South and West Coast is being planned for July. The Luttenbachers will be opening for The Locust on 9 dates (which will most likely be Atlanta, Memphis, New Orleans, Houston, Oklahoma City, Colorado Springs, Albequerque, Flagstaff and San Diego). Other dates will be added including Louisville, Los Angeles, San Francisco/Oakland, Portland, Seattle, Olympia and Lincoln.

ITEM! To thank you for stopping by, we've laid out a full spread of free samples for you to chomp on! At the audio page you're welcome to dig into our FREE MP3's! There's no better way to answer that most nagging question "What's it sound like", than filling your ears with the real deal!

ITEM! U.S. MAPLE's new album "Acre Thrills" is out now from the "Distinguished Competition". No need to ask our permission to pick it up - it's inclusion is mandatory in the collection of any self-respecting SKiN GRAFT fanaddict!

ITEM! Submissions have been flying in for the debut of our FAN ART Gallery! We'll be opening the doors here soon, so if you have anything that you'd like to send in, go to the CONTACT page for entry details!

ITEM! INSOUND has nominated SKiN GRAFT as the label of the month -and is featuring an interview with label founder Mark Fischer along with darling photos of Mark and Brian Peterson. Read all about it at: http://www.insound.com and click on LABELS!

ITEM! Due to the unprecedented demand, we are now accepting PAYPAL payments to better serve your SKiN GRAFT mailorder needs! For more information on how to use Paypal, go to: http://www.paypal.com -Our email address ID for Paypal payments is brian@skingraftrecords.com - If paying with your credit card, please add .50 per item. Also, it's looking likely that we're going to be forced to hike our prices in the near future, so as William Bennett of WHITEHOUSE always sez - now is the time... to get all that back catalog goodness at absurbly cheap prices!

ITEM! If your looking for your daily mind-blowing, be sure to check out ZEEK SHECK's SWEZLEX website. Tops in brain-altering ex-starved entertainment: http://www.swezlex.com AND - there is now a swezlex mailing list, delivering news on all things ZEEK direct to your emailbox, to join, go to: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/swezlex2

ITEM! SKiN GRAFT is looking for interns in the Chicago area! If you think you've got what it takes to join the mighty sg team, contact mark@skingraftrecords.com -And before you ask, naturally all internships are non-paying, though your time with us may qualify for college credit!

And finally- it's come to our attention that the band OXES have released a bogus split 10" of themselves paired with ARAB ON RADAR on the label Wantage Records. Folks, AOR does NOT appear on the record - the band is Oxes pretending to be AOR. - BUYER BEWARE!! Nuff said.

That's all I've got for you now, marchers! So til next time, wherever you go, whatever you do, keep thinking SKiN GRAFT! And if that gets a little heavy, you can always fall back on "Damnant quod intelligunt!"



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