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updated: 09 / 30 / 2001

Hi True Believers ( ! )
SKiN GRAFT's Ace Reporter, "Jazzy" Joe Romita here!
Here's what's happening!
ARAB ON RADAR release new Holy Shit

ITEM! The new album from ARAB ON RADAR is out NOW! "Yahweh Or The Highway", the bands fourth full length, advances the bands sound even further - this is anti-math rock at it's most expressive: guitars bleed, wheeze, scream and emote, the vocals articulate tinges of oral melody only hinted at previously, while the hyper-energized drums drive the point straight through your garage & into your home ( ! ). The Deluxe LP edition comes packaged in hand silk-screened jackets and includes a double-sided 3' x 2' poster! The CD sports a silver varnish print job and is packaged with a virginal lily white tray. And we have a limited number of posters for the initial CD mail orders - ask and you'll get one while supplies last! If your a zinester or journalist who wants to lend us a hand promoting the release, we've set up a special page with images suitable for print on the web and paper respectively. And there's a neat web banner for your website too. Go here to grab the stuff from us:

ITEM! Between writing and preparing music for their next album (to be produced by none other Steve Albini and comin' courtesy of SKiN GRAFT later this year), CHEER-ACCIDENT has been tucked away in their bedrooms assembling their next release, "Variations On A Goddamn Old Man". This is the first in an unlimited series of the best stuff you've never heard, a collection of recordings by CHEER-ACCIDENT that finally "let the cat out of the bag" to reveal thorough documentation of the aural episodes which have occurred (and continue to occur) at home and in their practice space. Your buddy Jazzy Joe has heard a rough mix CDR of the first "issue" and it's so breathtaking, I had to balloon up at the nitrous tank fast- this isn't a collection of tossed off bits that didn't make the cut, but an inside look at one of the most influential and consistent bands on the streets of the Chicago underground. Watch this space for further details on the impending release of Volume 1 in the series!

ITEM! Japan's drummer and bass duo RUINS are preparing to take their mindbendingly fast and complex hyper-progressive rock assault to Europe in October! Live, the two weave an unbelievable web of pure energy and unparalleled musicianship that must be seen to be believed! See the tour page for details. Believe you me Europeans, this is one band you don't wanna miss! And that brings me to... Ruins founder Tatsuya Yoshida is currently in the Magaibutsu Studio preparing what is unquestionably the BEST RUINS album ever for release on SKiN GRAFT early next year. How can we speak with such authority that THIS will be the best album yet? Because dear reader, Tatsuya is pouring over all of the bands material from the period of 1986-1992 (much of which is extremely rare or has been unavailable for years) and is extensively remastering & tweaking the material for re-release on one CD tentatively titled, "1986-1992". Whether your a long time RUINS fan or an absolute beginner, this release will be essential with a capital "EEEEEEEE"!

ITEM! ARAB ON RADAR's vocalist Mr. Pottymouth has a new book "Pussy Pow Wow", an extremely candid and emotionally charged work that will challenge the limits of the reader's morals, emotions and sexual development. Your man Jazzy Joe has been digging deep into these pages the last few cold lonely nights and let me tell ya, Mr. Pottymouth delivers - unabashed feeling that leaves you feeling dirty, confused, yet undeniably exhilarated. Check out Mr. Pottymouths website here:
and to order your copy, go to Chronoplastics:

ITEM! News has come from the U.S. MAPLE camp that drummer Pat Samson has left the band due to "irreconcilable differences". After a fill in stint by CHEER-ACCIDENT's Thymme Jones, the band has elected Adam Vida of Chicago's Central Falls as Pat's replacement. Their latest album, "Acre Thrills", available courtesy of our "Distinguished Competition" is, of course, highly recommended for anyone with half a brain or more.

ITEM! A quick word about some releases that you should be on the lookout for at your neighborhood record shop that DON'T carry a SKiN GRAFT logo- Weasel Walter has put his money where his mouth is and released an extremely limited double LP chronicling the exploits of the Michael Colligan and Kurt Johnson incarnation of The FLYING LUTTTEBNBACHERS, complete with a Jack Kirby inspired cover & colored vinyl no less!!! Check the TFL site for ordering info! Nick Sakes of Dazzling Killmen & Colossamite fame is back in the bins with the new CD from SICBAY (and a Jazzy Joe three armed salute on the birth of Mr. & Mrs. Sakes' daughter Ruby!!). It's available via Obtuse Mule records. And Fritz & Stan, the incomparable STRANGULATED BEATOFFS have a new one as well, look for "Reverse Child Psychology" out now on Nihilist records.

ITEM! What do you think of when you you think of Germany? Right! Volkswagens! But if you're a fan of the kind of music that the mainstream media struggles to ignore, then you think of SUPERSTAR Magazine. And guess who's on the cover of the latest issue? None other than MISS PUSSYCAT and MR. QUINTRON! The magazine features extensive coverage in English as well as Deutsch, so if you're interested some cross country journalism drop by: http://www.insound.com/zinestand/superstar or contact the publisher directly at superstar-online@gmx.net. In addition to Q & P and the compelling feature in which they portray each other, SUPERSTAR #20 delivers a motherload of nothing less than brilliant and extremely diverse stuff, not the least of which is an interview with Will Oldham (maybe you recall him from the PALACE / ZENI GEVA split 7" a few years back?) by German kantrie heroes Missouri.

updated: 7 / 15 / 2001

ITEM! Face front ( ! ) - we have a very important announcement, gang. Over the last year, I've met many of you on my trips around the campuses of this vast land of ours and at nearly every stop, I encountered a host of fanatics, concerned that they could not find the latest SKiN GRAFT releases in their area! The distribution game has become increasingly difficult for forward-thinking labels like ourselves over the years, but we have taken action and we're sure you'll be thrilled with the results! Read on and spread the word!:


Symbiotic Distribution has added the venerable SKiN GRAFT Records to the independent label enclave. 15 years in the making, the Chicago based SKiN GRAFT Records has established itself as the adventurous-music lovers outpost, bringing challenging acts such as ARAB ON RADAR, U.S. MAPLE, MELT-BANANA, RUINS, BRISE-GLACE, ZENI GEVA, QUINTRON and a host of others to the forefront. Beginning this August, Symbiotic will embark on an ambitious campaign to reissue the critically-acclaimed SKiN GRAFT back catalog, as well as new and under distributed records from the likes of ARAB ON RADAR, Q ELECTRONICS (Quintron), FLOSSIE AND THE UNICORNS and CHEER-ACCIDENT.

Before SKiN GRAFT was a record company, it established itself as a fiercely independent small press publisher, issuing dozens of punk-influenced mini comics, and culminating in two collections from Caliber Press (publisher of The Crow). In 1991, SKiN GRAFT shifted gears and released the first of it's celebrated comic book and record sets featuring punk-jazz legends DAZZLING KILLMEN. A host of albums and singles would follow and SKiN GRAFT gained a reputation as a leading light in the push toward innovative music, with a list unclassifiable, genre-crunching acts, citing influences as diverse as no wave, electronic musique, death metal, free jazz and punk rock. Through it all, SKiN GRAFT's emphasis remains on the band, the live show and the art of entertainment.

In 1999, Brian Peterson, responsible for bringing countless independent bands to all ages audiences at Chicago's notorious Fireside Bowl, joined SKiN GRAFT as partner in crime. The following year, label founder Mark Fischer migrated to Europe and took over the reigns of SKiN GRAFT's internet campaign. Earlier this year, skingraftrecords.com debuted with over 600 pages of content, an indispensable source of information on the label and it's bands.

On August 9th, Symbiotic will release the latest offering from Q ELECTRONICS (alter ego of New Orleans' Mr. Quintron) "The Drum Buddy" LP/CD and the pristine platter from Miss Pussycat's FLOSSIE AND THE UNICORNS "The Animal's Clubhouse" LP. August 9th will also see the release of The FLYING LUTTENBACHERS "Truth Is A Fucking Lie" CD which was issued in an extremely limited run last year. And to cap off the premiere release date, two of SKiN GRAFT's most esteemed packages will hit store shelves again! - SIDES 1-4, a double 7" and comic book tribute to AC/DC featuring tracks by SHELLAC, BIG'N, BRISE-GLACE (aka Jim O'Rourke) and U.S. MAPLE; and the SHAKUHACHI SURPRISE LP Deluxe, documenting the infamous meeting of Tokyo's SPACE STREAKINGS and Chicago's MOUNT SHASTA. This special edition includes a picture disc, wraparound die-cut sleeve, 24" x 24" poster and a full color art booklet!

August 21st will see the release of one of the fall's most eagerly anticipated albums, ARAB ON RADAR "Yahweh Or The Highway" LP /CD. ARAB ON RADAR has been called "The Last Rock and Roll band on the Planet" and their live shows are eagerly anticipated events, displaying an energy and intensity, unmatched by any band touring today. Arab On Radar have also been tagged "heirs to the kingdom once ruled by The Jesus Lizard", "the most inventive heavy guitar band going" and "leaders of the new trend in hardcore". A massive promotional campaign is being organized around this release, spearheaded by a 3' x 2' color poster for in-store display and a U.S. Tour blasting off August 10th. And beyond? September will see Symbiotic's introduction of SKiN GRAFT's hardcore/metal Vinyl only imprint, UP JUMPS THE DEVIL, with the release of a new split 7" from two of Chicago's rising grindcore acts, TALE OF GENJI and LA MANTRA DE FHIQRIA, the first full length from KUNG FU RICK and the reissue of HATEWAVE's self-titled LP, the brutal black metal band led by The Flying Luttenbachers' Weasel Walter!

For more info on the Symbiotic Label Group, check their site:

Click on PDF Title below to read the MARKETING ONE SHEET. You will need ACROBAT READER to view them.

Drum Buddy Demonstration LP / CD

The Animal's Clubhouse Vinyl LP

The Truth Is A Fucking Lie CD

Space Streakings Sighted Over Mount Shasta Deluxe Pic LP

Sides 1-4 (AC/DC Tribute) Double 7" & Comic Book

Yahweh Or The Highway Deluxe LP / CD

updated: 06 / 01 / 01

ITEM! The Q ELECTRONICS "Drum Buddy Demonstration Volume One" is now on the CD format and available from the SG mailorder department! Check the CATALOG page for details! To hear a cut from this spellbinding scientific slab, check out the AUDIO page! And the exciting new DRUM BUDDY website is now open!! Go to www.drumbuddy.com to purchase your very own drum buddy instrument! Those overseas have just experienced the wonders of the Drum Buddy first hand - The QUINTRON and FLOSSIE & THE UNICORNS Spring European Tour was a smashing success! Go to the Tour page for a complete listing of all shows set for North America! And to top it all off, we are pleased to announce the opening of the QUINTRON band page and the accompanying DRUM BUDDY page! Go check 'em out!

ITEM! It's going to be a hot summer. And to make sure you work up a good sweat, we have another eardrum shattering new release via our Up Jumps The Devil imprint - a split 7" from two of Chicago's loudest, wildest acts - TALE OF GENJI and LA MANTRA DE FHIQRIA! Ever wonder what a three-way between BLACK FLAG, The JESUS LIZARD and SWING KIDS would sound like? Crank TALE OF GENJI and you've got your answer! What happens if CIRCUS LUPUS, ORCHID and MY LAI get together at a party, drink way too much, spin around and fall on their equipment -? LA MANTRA DE FHIQRIA!!! Chess + pot + members of KUNG FU RICK = TALE OF GENJI. 40 ounces + funny pants = LA MANTRA DE FHIQRIA. All copies come with hand-silk screened covers. Music pressed on classic black vinyl. Go to the newly updated (pic of the KUNG FU RICK 7" just added too!!!) Up Jumps The Devil section of our catalog to order yours!



ITEM! And one last bit before I wrap up this edition to go walk the dog - - - - Who the heck are PINK AND BROWN???!!






~ Execlesior!



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