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B A L L P E E N ( ! ) B U L L E T I N S

updated: December 19th, 2008


Hi Everybody -
This uncanny X-Mas pic originates from an unweildy X-Mist box (X-Mist is our German distributor). The package was not delivered with Santa's usual care, but made it over nearly intact.

While we've gathered together, I would be remiss if I failed to mention that the new
MADE IN MEXICO LP/CD and SIDES 11-14 2x7" & Comic are both shipping out now. The SIDES comic book includes a bit of a Christmas theme as the excerpt below illustrates. We'll have more info on them in the next update and you'll find plenty of details in Jazzy Joe's previous News Desk writings.

But the reason for these seasoned greetings is simply to thank everyone reading for the support over the last year. The bands, Jazzy Joe and I really appreciate it - and we're looking forward to gabbing with you again in 2009!

- Mark


updated: November 29th, 2008
MADE IN MEXICO "Guerilaton"


SIDES 11-17
Double 7" (colored vinyl) & Comic Book Set


vv - Guerillaton: Diecut gatefold LP / CD out now!
----- and a special video message from Jeff Schneider!
n SIDES 11-14
vv - Yowie / Colossamite / Pre / Mule
double 7" and comic book set
----- - colored vinyl to ALL direct mailorders!
vv - new album to be entitled "Hope Freaks"!
vv - shattering "Cities Of Glass": Uncensored Video Interview!
vv - coming to Skin Graft in 2009!

e e 1
g g gorge

Salütes Sound Seekers ( ! )
SKiN GRAFT's Ace Reporter, "Jazzy" Joe Romita here with another staggering summary of the frankly phenomenal feats fathered at the famed fount of flabbergast... the forever favored, far-from faddish, far-flung frontiersmen of the fashionable Fort SKiN GRAFT!!!! Face front, frenzied ones!!!!


Prepared peoples?
Jazzy Joe Romita has returned with a plethora of passion-packed, positively profound pronouncements, painstakingly proffered to put your pulse on pound! Yes, after some miniscule misunderstandings at the tracks, your nervy news reporter has beat the rap once again, and is pounding the pavement past that pesky penitentiary.

And it's just in time too! Jazzy's release just so happens to coincide with the release of two of the most eagerly anticipated items in Skin Graft's storied history! Cue the applause sign, cause MADE IN MEXICO “Guerillaton” and SIDES 11-14 have landed!


The mainstream media has already made a big to-do over how Prez-Elect Obama came to master MADE IN MEXICO's contribution to the wildly popular Guitar Hero II video game while on the campaign trail, - and in turn, chose the title of said contribution, "Yes We Can" as his acceptance speech refrain.

Now while bandwagon jumper Will I Am (black eyed pea dude) went ahead and recorded his own completely different "Yes We Can" to try and cash in on the hype, it should come as no surprise that Chicago's favorite son and president-elect is a long time Skin Graft supporter - dating all the way back to his unforgettable performance as Mintacula's brother at the 1998 OOPS iNDOORS festival at Lounge Ax. We are pleased to say that along with the legions of scholars, criminals and high-lo-lifes that make up our audience, Mr. Obama was among the first to pre-order MADE IN MEXICO's brand-spanking new album "Guerillaton" direct from the outhouse of ideas.

And now, yes, you can too, because "Guerillaton" is in stock and shipping now!

Here's the official Press release:
Short description: Providence-based No Wave influenced punk, combined with Reggaeton sounds.... Like Teenage Jesus and the Jerks mixed with Calle 13, or Daddy Yankee. Post-Punk with a Dem Bow beat, and a revolutionary flavor… the soundtrack to Simon Bolivar’s march through The Americas.
includes former members of La Machine, and Arab On Radar. Guerillaton is the highly anticipated follow up to MADE IN MEXICO's debut LP "Zodiac Zoo". Available on compact disc and as a limited edition Diecut Gatefold Vinyl LP.

o “For those of you scoring at home, my favorite song in the entire game {Guitar Hero II} is "Yes We Can" by Made in Mexico. - ”Wil Wheaton
[Wesley Crusher, Star Trek: The Next Generation]

o “Vocalist Rebecca Mitchell alternately speak-sings in dry detachment or warbles and shrieks like Diamanda Galás (with Lydia Lunch's range) in a back alley brawl. The guitar sounds like it's being swung around by loosened strings, the bass like it's being hit with a rubber mallet, and the drums like they're being used as trampolines by a free jazz maniac attempting the Stooges catalog. And if the above descriptions sound appealing -- and they're not meant to discourage -- then this album will not disappoint. Made in Mexico is a catharsis for misanthropes and stress-cases everywhere, and is guaranteed to rile the savage beast in all of us.”
- All Music Guide

o ”A completely fucked-up "psychedelic" rock band, giving your ears a bad LSD trip from hell…. I listened to made in mexico's songs, and i bled from the ears.”
– UrbanDictionary.com



In these tough economic times, we realize that every purchase must be carefully considered, and so, if there is a one or a two of you with "Guerillaton" in your shopping cart, but have yet to enter the check out line, the band has assembled the Top Ten Reasons why you should to buy their new album. You can check them out right HERE. Once you have made your informed decision, checks and money orders can go to the P.O. Box above and Paypals can go HERE.

itchy ears? Don't scratch! Fill them with (2) new MADE IN MEXICO tracks waiting to be found among the 100% FREE MP3's we have to offer at the AUDIO page. The Skin Graft server is now standing by to dump dozens of downloads to your desktop! Thank you.

Stateside AC/DC has embittered the two or three socially conscious members of their fan-base by making their new album "Black Ice" a Wal-Mart exclusive. Despite trampled customers and shattered economys "Black Ice" has sold over a million copies in its first two weeks in the USA alone. Now the marketing mavericks at Skin Graft would seem smart to cash-in on the arrival of AC/DC's album by proudly proclaiming that SIDES 11-14 does indeed use the music of AC/DC as it's inspiration, but never ones to take those easy in-roads, the bumbling brainiacs upstairs have gone and released said SIDES with nary a mention of AC/DC to be found!

Nevertheless, SIDES 11-14 is a staggering symphony supreme, reaffirming Skin Graft's commitment to the unholy union of the audio and visual sports. Participating bands include YOWIE, COLOSAMITE, PRE and MULE - all with a side of colored vinyl apiece and lovingly embraced by a densely illustrated 20 page wraparound comic book sleeve written and drawn by SG's founder Mark Fischer.

SIDES 11-14
PDF comic preview


Who better to kick off a delish double vinyl dish dedicated to Australia's awe-inspiring rock-harders AC/DC, than St. Louis' Ausie-Bigfoot moniker inspired algebra rock-martyrs - YOWIE!?!! Returning with their first new recording since "Cryptooology", Yowie presents "Dunderdruck" (geometrically inspired by AC/DC's "Thunderstruck") which takes the listener on a technically impeccable, hyper-alien-math-rock sugar high - played with spaghetti-strung guitars and stop on a dime drums.

"Anti-Christ Devil Child“

Because you demanded it - (!) - the members of the incomparable Gorge Trio (John and Ed of Deerhoof plus peerless percussionist Chad Popple) and Nick Sakes (vocalist of Dazzling Killmen / Sicbay) unite one final time - with a maddening metal medley guaranteed to send both heads banging!

"Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap“

London’s lovely No Wave naughties apply their merry-go-round grind to the certified classic “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" in a delightful down and dirty lo-fi mind fuck that will have legions of white-belts trading high-fives.

"Have A Drink On Me“

Vaulted for 10 years and previously unreleased, here is the final recording from the legendary Touch and Go / Quarterstick recording artist - MULE, featuring the restrained redneck blues of PW Long on vocals and guitar.

Now, for a modest mound of mom's moolah, you can stun your sad-sack school mates with this must-have merchandise showcasing those scintillating skin graft sights and sounds. A low resolution preview of the comic pages has been assembled for your perusal HERE - so to order on-line and insure a colored vinyl copy, visit HERE.

: You heard it here first -
-- PRE "Hope Freaks" LP/CD coming 2009!
---------- Nuff Said!


ITEM!:And AIDS WOLF is just now finishing their extensive tour of the United States alongside the release of their new album "Cities of Glass". You'll find gobs of info on the album in our previous updates below - and the internet is currently awash with dozens of previews and reviews - like THIS ONE from Jason Glastetter at CMJ on their Knitting Factory performance. One particularly neat bit that Jazzy wanted to direct you to is a new video interview with the band that just went on-line thanks to the forward-thinking folks at Uncensored Interview! You can see the AIDS WOLF interview in it's entirety right HERE!

Don't forget to breathe!


ITEM!: ALRIGHTY! Clear the area of any fragile valuables and easily injured loved ones cause it's time once again to divulge a new addition to the Skin Graft Hall of Hotshots - and the news is sure to send limbs flailing in delight! Girls & Boys, reach for the sky, cause none other than GAY BEAST, Minneapolis' loud-brow leaders of the Neo Wave School of Hard Rocks, have aligned themselves with SG Rex (!) and come 2009, we're delivering a bullet from these triple mint guns straight to your heart!

Let's take a look at what critic
Doug Mosurak of Dusted Mag had to say about GAY BEAST:

"There are too many bands out there futzing around with progressive rock, with 'no wave'/'now wave' tropes, with neon-colored wackiness; bands that aren't putting the music out front; bands that have slid down the slope of 'being off' (a slope which descends into Mike Patton's open mouth). Gay Beast, a guitar/synth/drums trio from Minneapolis, is not one of these bands, yet they play with all those parts in full swing, a real plate spinning act of dynamics, abrasion, and genuine melodic innovation. All mistakes are studiously avoided and pratfalls are timed for maximum effect. All comedic qualities of the band are insular and intrinsic. Their attack is vicious and weird, processing their robotic fortunes under sheets of electronic duress, but their balance is impeccable. Bands like Gay Beast used to get me excited, but none have had such a gloriously bent and creative batch of songs to match up with the innovation. If handled correctly, Gay Beast should tap into, then later usurp, the whacking off of outfits like Hella or Lightning Bolt or Deerhoof, or at least play in the same league. Very, very exciting stuff here, which hides its hand with masterful skill, and which plays down that which could easily wreck a less-capable band.
- Doug Mosurak (Dusted)

For those who would like to get acquainted asap, Jazzy suggests you visit the
GAY BEAST website HERE - and then make nice over at their My Space page, HERE - where songs are already streaming!

ITEM!: And up top is a pic of the latest SKiN GRAFT Records advert, if you'd like to use this in your zine, flyer mail-out or just want to hang it on your fridge, give the mini a click to grab a hi-resolution copy in glorious black and white!

Friends, the
trials and tribulations leading up to this update have simply left your supreme sound spinster spent - and once again Jazzy Joe must recharge those batteries by spending your hard-earned paypal bucks on Sacramento Slew in the third.

Before I go, allow me to thank you kindly for harvesting our kingly cornucopia of cultural commodities... without you - we may still manage to win or place, but there would certainly be
no show!



updated: October 21st, 2008

Diecut Gatefold LP / CD
(much-anticipated follow up to "Zodiac Zoo"!)

SIDES 11-14
double 7" & Comic Book Set
(on colored vinyl!)

ITEM!: Order Now...
Or Forever Hold Your Piece

Both the new MADE IN MEXICO album and the SIDES 11-14 double 7" and comic book set are now available for pre-orders! MADE IN MEXICO "Guerillaton" comes in both the CD and LP formats - with the vinyl version packaged in a swank diecut gatefold sleeve. A specially-priced bundle is available - which includes both the LP and CD formats. SIDES 11-14 is a double 7" and Comic Book set featuring all-new tracks from YOWIE, COLOSSAMITE, PRE and MULE with a thick 20 page wraparound comic book sleeve. Early orders will get colored vinyl on both 7" singles. Also available in limited quantities is the first installment in the SIDES series, SIDES 1-4 featuring SHELLAC, BIG'N, BRISE-GLACE and US MAPLE - also packaged with a phat comic book sleeve. You can place on-line orders HERE - shipping is free in the USA and Canada. Overseas, please add the appropriate amount of postage to your order. The release date is November 16th - but we suspect advance orders just may go out early!

A preview MP3 of MADE IN MEXICO's Guerillaton is up at the AUDIO page HERE - and while we had hoped to surprise our pals in Chicago by springing SIDES 11-14 at tonight's PRE show at the Empty Bottle, the pressing plant couldn't get them out in time to make the gig, SO - we decided to allow the CHICAGO READER to post an exclusive stream of the YOWIE track HERE!

PRE have a flurry of shows yet to come in New York - set up by the mighty Panache Booking powerhouse - and AIDS Wolf is getting ready to take the show on the road. You'll find the dates HERE.

Lastly, the ARAB ON RADAR LP/DVD discounted bundles are now SOLD OUT- but we still have a few LP's available for individual sale - details are at the SKiN GRAFT SHOP.

Alrighty - Jazzy Joe Romita will be checking in with a full NEWS DESK update soon with all of the details on these two new releases (including an excerpt of the SIDES comic book and a second MADE IN MEXICO MP3!) - plus he'll have some news on a NEW BAND joining the roster for 2009!

- Mark



updated: September 29th, 2008
AIDS WOLF "Cities Of Glass"


ARAB ON RADAR "Yahweh Or The Highway"
Vinyl Reference Master LP
Edition of 144 hand-numbered copies



vv - Cities Of Glass - update and tour
vv - Yahweh: Vinyl Reference Master & DVD
vv - $3.99 ( ! ) sale for a limited time
vv - Guerillaton artwork revealed
vv - USA Tour: limited engagement
n SIDES 11-14

vv - More Details on upcoming 2x7" and comic book
vv - Frog Tape CD and Tour

1 1
g g gorge
g y g

Salütes Sound Seekers ( ! )
SKiN GRAFT's Ace Reporter, "Jazzy" Joe Romita here with another staggering summary of the frankly phenomenal feats fathered at the famed fount of flabbergast... the forever favored, far-from faddish, far-flung frontiersmen of the fashionable Fort SKiN GRAFT!!!! Face front, frenzied ones!!!!

Hi Everybody -
This is Mark writing. The US financial system isn't alone in seeking a bailout, turns out Jazzy Joe was picked up at the tracks yesterday and is being held on suspicion of insider racing (whatever that is). So, today's news update falls to me. Unlike Jazzy, who writes like he's being paid by the word (he isn't) when he hypes us up,I'll be keeping this installment a little more down to earth.

So, Lets Go -!

ITEM!: Glass Houses
As Jazzy blasted last time, AIDS WOLF's "Cities Of Glass" is out and in-stores now. This record has been a lot of fun to watch develop - - last year while visiting the USA I had the pleasure of previewing much of the material AIDS Wolf wound up putting to tape for this album. There's an unrelentingly determined quality to Cities Of Glass that really hits where it hurts. As you probably all know by now, Weasel Walter handled the production and he did an incredible job, faithfully capturing the brutality of AID WOLF's recent live performances, while keeping the sound just slick enough to stand as a definitive studio statement.

awIt's very early, but reviews have been quite positive so far (give it time - LOL), which is all the more remarkable when dealing with music so difficult. A lot has been written about AIDS Wolf in the past, but a good deal of it really only addressed the bands surface elements. The “controversial” band name, the naked pics, etc. Fewer writers really dealt with their music – (superficial AOR comparisons aside) and so far it looks like “Cities Of Glass” is compelling writers to really evaluate what their ears are being confronted with. We've started to gather together reviews and compile them in a presskit in advance of their US tour. It's now online and I figured some of you guys might be interested in giving it a look. You can access it at this link.

Some big news - since recording the album, guitarist Andre Guerette has stepped down from his post - and after a very secretive and exhaustive search, Andre's strings will be filled by Alex Moskos, of the band Goa and the Unireverse. I'll miss Andre's presence in the band, but he is going to stay involved with AW peripherally - and that's good news for all of us. Andre is a fellow film noir buff and I always look forward to receiving his list of "Favourite Noirs" in my email box. Andre set me watching Kurosawa's High And Low. While I nudged him to Fritz Lang's Scarlet Street (Andre - I promise I'll watch Lady From Shanghai soon!). Folks in the US will have an opportunity to see the new AIDS Wolf on tour this Fall. The dates we have so far have been posted at the tours page.

For those who want to order "Cities Of Glass" direct, Chloe and Yannick made up some really great 16” x 23” multi-color sceenprinted posters that we're including extra cheap with CD/LP bundles. It's also available individually - mailed in a tube at a higher cost (to accommodate the extra packaging and mailing expenses). All of the details are at the Paypal Shop page.

ITEM!: Writing Side-Saddled

Way back in the Fall of 2000, I got to pal around with ARAB ON RADAR across Europe and it was experience I'll always treasure - meeting up with them in Belgium at the Conspiracy house for a show at the Pits, making our way into France where we tied to catch some Z's on the beach (til the authorities sent us on our way) and then getting lost trying to find a house party - only to (incredibly) find a guy on the streets who said he'd be going to that same party later that night. He escorted us to the house. I hopped off the tour in Vienna, where the band's uniforms received a much needed washing and ironing. They were an incredibly well-dressed act for their show at the Chelsea in Vienna. I still have the old swf file announcing the band's European tour and thought you might like to see it, so I posted it HERE. Eight years ago!?!! Wow.

All of this reminiscing was brought on by the arrival of two new items that Jazzy pre-pitched in the previous update. We've got both of them in-stock now. First up is a mailorder-only edition of ARAB ON RADAR's final album, it's a mouthful - titled the “Yahweh Or The Highway: vinyl reference master” LP - produced in a limited edition of 144 hand-numbered copies. It sounds great.

Here's the press release we issued upon the album's original release:

Yahweh ltd edition LP
Sunshine DVD

ARAB ON RADAR do not wish to attain their own private nirvana.

On the contrary, they have surveyed the inordinately weakened music scene of 2001, and while desirous of winning supreme musical enlightenment, ARAB ON RADAR do not tremble at the birth and death of past musical attempts. They have set out for the benefit of the music, for the ease of the music world, out of pity for the music world. ARAB ON RADAR have resolved: "We will become a shelter for the music, the music lover's place of excitement, the final relief of the music of the past, lights of the music world, the guidelines for the music world's means of salvation. Through this you shall all find redemption. ~ Yahweh or the Highway."

I see the music,
in your body, O' Creator,
and hordes of varied creatures:
the cosmic creator,
on his lotos throne,
all the seers of celestial serpents.
~ Arab On Radar ~

For those who weren't around when this came out originally - “Yahweh” pre-dated 9/11 by weeks (August 21, 2001!), and was just starting to appear in stores when the twin towers went down. The artwork was incredibly controversial at the time, a number of stores took the promotional posters down, citing that art awash with scattered, broken shards and the bloodily scrawled band name was just too extreme for them to display.

And secondly, we also have the ARAB ON RADAR Sunshine For Shady People DVD in-stock for distribution. Jazzy's description last time got right to the point: “Sunshine retells the story of the band for those too young to have been there or too high to remember”, but here's the official solicit info:

Transcending genre, expectations, and formula, this program tells the story of the groundbreaking band, ARAB ON RADAR - an ingenious plague, genetically engineered to avoid easy detection. Operating under the guise of a musical band, the group traveled via an underground network, touring from city to city, mutating and evolving with each sweep. Their 'music' was a sonic assault. Power and cathartic, often termed No Wave by those at a loss for words, it is unlike anything you've ever heard. This DVD is a document alive and un-rooted,including Included is live footage from 10 different venues, posters, fliers, and photos.

These are both up for orders now – and there is also a special deal on an LP/DVD bundle for those who would like both. Click the banner below to go the shop.


: Point Line Plane Crash
It always sucks when bands break-up, but the sucking seemed a bit harder when POINT LINE PLANE disbanded at such an early age. Technically, they are on hiatus and there is a very real possibility they will pull a Jean Grey and rise Phoenix-like from the ashes, but probably not in the near future. Point Line Plane released two full lengths - the second of which, "Smoke Signals" was released on Skin Graft a while back. On "Smoke Signals" they transitioned from a two piece to a three piece and shortly before going on tour, they were knocked back down to a two-piece. Nate and Josh found themselves trying to do the work of three members, and when they got back home decided to take a break and reevaluate how they were going to go forward. Now when a band joins Skin Graft, we make an effort to manufacture enough copies to meet the demands of touring, mailorder and our distributors, but now that PLP is inactive, we find that we're a bit overstocked on Smoke Signals.

Believe it or not, when labels are overstocked on a title - one solution often practiced in the business is to destroy the overstock. The reason? For accounting purposes, inventory has to be reflected as an asset on the books and lots of sitting stock can over-inflate a company's value when it comes time to pay taxes. Now, we're not THAT overstocked on "Smoke Signals", and I think a much better solution is to offer it at a discount price to you guys. So, for a limited time, you can order POINT LINE PLANE Smoke Signals for just $6.99 (and that's postpaid in the USA and Canada). That's a heckuva deal – the huge 9-panel fold out poster booklet by E-Rock alone is worth that. Because we offer free shipping in the USA, I humbly ask that folks order another item or two, so we can cover our postage and packing costs. Proceeds of the sale will go toward Jazzy Joe's bail and assorted gambling debts. You can read more about POINT LINE PLANE HERE – and there is an MP3 at the AUDIO page..

ITEM!: Guerillas from Zodiac Zoo
Taking a cue from two items back, the demise of Arab On Radar led to three great bands (you know 'em, you love 'em) - one of which, MADE IN MEXICO, will be presenting their latest full length "Guerillaton" this November. Jazzy promised a look at the cover art in this update and as you've no doubt seen – that's the front cover right up top. The CD and LP are in for manufacture now and we'll have it up for pre-orders soon. The band's debut vinyl LP "Zodiac Zoo", came packaged in a gatefold sleeve with a pop-up image of the band in the center - so this time, to compliment the first album, we're presenting "Guerillaton" in a unique die-cut gatefold sleeve. And if you missed out the first time, we still have “Zodiac Zoo” in stock on CD and L

ITEM!: Writing SIdes Saddled
And releasing side by side with the new MADE IN MEXICO is SIDES 11-14, a new double 7" and comic book set featuring exclusive tracks from Yowie, Colossamite, Pre and Mule. This continues a series that began with SIDES 1-4 (with Shellac, Big'n, Brise-Glace and US Maple); SIDES 5-6 (that one had Palace Brothers and Zeni Geva); and SIDES 7-10 (which featured Killdozer, Mount Shasta, Zeek Sheck and the Denison Kimball Trio). The comic book that compliments the singles is the first comic I've put together since the Gumballhead The Cat series came to a close a little over a year ago. This comic book is a tip of the hat to the series Tales To Astonish. and comes in longer than any of the previous issues - weighing in at 20 pages (counting covers) - but I did indulge in a few two page spreads. I've worked on this "story" off and on for years, and it does indeed pick up where SIDES 7-10 left off. A quarter of the next comic is already drawn, so hopefully it won't take another 10 years til we have another installme

ITEM!: Pretext
One of the band's contributing to SIDES 11-14 is PRE – and they are flying to the USA to begin recording their next album with Steve Albini at the Electrical Audio Studio in October. It would be a tragedy to have them fly over and not do a few shows, so PRE will be making a handful of live appearances while they're stateside. The dates have just gone up at the tours page HERE. They are one of the most fun, energetic live bands going – don't miss them if they're anywhere near you.

qITEM!: Plague Of Frogs
From the Item Blurb, you'd think this was about the new LAKE OF DRACULA reissue (see a few updates back). It's not – but the new LOD CD is an incredible document of one of my all time favorite bands, so do check it out.

In Austria, they really only started celebrating Halloween recently – and it's still nothing compared to how we do it in the states – no trick or treating to speak of, no haunted houses, no monster marathons on TV, etc. Anyway, while she was living in the US, Johanna caught the Halloween bug big time and so our place in Vienna has already been decked out for Halloween for weeks now. To set the mood, she always grabs QUINTRON's "The Frog Tape" CD – which is a disc full of spooky tunes and moods, specifically designed for homespun haunted houses. This time of year, we always make sure to have a healthy supply in-stock , so you'll find them in CD section of the online paypal shop. Q and Miss Pussycat are touring too - so check the tours page.

ITEM!: Axe The Answer Man
A while back I offered to answers some questions – so here are a few of those:

1) When is US MAPLE Sang Phat Editor going to be available again?

Yeah - not having it in-stock has been a bummer. Some members of the band want to remaster the album it before it goes back to press and a mastering date was set for earlier this year. The band members are not all living in the same state these days and unfortunately, at the last minute one couldn't make it – so the session was cancelled. I'm hopeful that another date will be arranged soon, but it's really out of my hands.

2) Skin Graft, give me a break, i used to like the music you put out (dazzling killman, mount shasta, us maple, yona kit, etc..) Right now it is a caricature of yourself. This might be what you are looking for right now, but it still SUCKS!!!!!!! Fuck weasel walters and the luden-lamers, they always sucked. The new skin-graft shit sucks ass, at least the old shit had talent, these new people are trying to be weird just to be weird. fucke em!!

This is really the kind of comment Jazzy should reply to.

3) I was at the OOPS iNDOORS show in Cleveland and people still talk about it (legendary show!). Are you ever going to do another OOPS?
- and - Will you please bring an OOPS to Europe (Rome please)?

The problem is that to do OOPS iNDOORS right, we need a lot of people to come along – multiple bands, the OOPS theater players – not to mention equipment, props and costumes. It always works best when the host city gets involved - so if you are interested in helping make OOPS in Europe a reality, send me an email. For those who don't know what the fuck we're talking about – check HERE.

Okay everybody - that's it for today.


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