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MERRY XXX-MAS everybody!

updated: December 22nd, 2005

ITEM! Ho! Ho! Ho! It's none other than Jazzy Joe! Up top is a link to this year's SKiN GRAFT X-Mas Card, scribbled together by our hometown homies, Messrs. Mark and Rob. Thanks to everyone who made this such a great year here at ye ol' SGRAFT - you better believe we wouldn't do it without ya! Now take that stocking out of your pants, cuz we've got one more virtual stuffer to help you ding-a-ling in the new year- none other than a hottt new MP3 from the up and coming AIDS Wolf album, "The Lovvers" LP!!!! It's up and at 'em at the AUDIO page now! Click HERE to give it a spin.

Here's hoping Santa brings you all the Graft goodies on your list, and tosses in a little peace on earth while he's at it! Gab at ya in 2006!

updated: Decmber 1st, 2005

Salütes Sound Seekers ( ! )
SKiN GRAFT's Ace Reporter, "Jazzy" Joe Romita here with another staggering summary of the frankly phenomenal feats fathered at the famed fount of flabbergast... the forever favored, far-from faddish, far-flung frontiersmen of the fashionable Fort SKiN GRAFT!!!! Face front, frenzied ones!!!!


vv Mailorder-Only Holiday Special

vv New Releases cause Worldwide Panic
AIDS WOLF 7" & Euro Tour
V >Ears Mandatory; Pants Optional
vv Bad Pussy update


V >Ex-Arab On Radar Jock-core in 2006!

How goes it, homebuddies? Your omnipotent anecdotist accepts your virtual curtsey and welcomes you once again to the nifty, neoteric news pages of the mighty SG dot com. Lets kick off this Ballpeen edition with a little leveling. Now, each and every week, the Jazzy One receives a torrent of queries from noise-nicks coast to coast to coast complaining about how tough it is to find ALL of that Graft greatness at their local record haunt. In some corners of the world, our new releases seem to sell out overnight, while other back catalog beauts may never get reordered! With a catalog as girthy as SG's, it can be difficult for your favorite record retailer to keep so much awe-inspiring audio in-stock at all times. Many of you have suggested that we open a chain of Skin Graft retail stores that would specialize solely in Skin Graft's magnificent musics & merch - so serious collectors would have easy access to their favorite Graft goodies. That, friends, is a terrific idea, but for the time being, we urge you to let your buddy behind the counter at your favorite record store know that you crave more Graft greatness at their esteemed emporium. A word from you just might sway them in the wrong direction - after all - the customer is always right! If, after all that, they have too much wax in the ears to heed your wizened advice, then allow the Jazzy One to remind you of the power of paypal and the magic of mailorder, which puts that dream Skin Graft shop of yours right in your ever-loving lap!

And that, pals, is the perfect segue to our next...

ITEM! Also clogging your magnificent man-god's email arteries are pleas from to and fro wondering if the mighty SG would be offering up anything special for the holidays this year. Now natch, if we were not, the Jazzy One wouldn't have brought it up at all, turning a deaf ear as he does his nagging ex-wife and her alimony death threats. Here, in all it's glory, is the scoop! A few months back, the glorious gals of Blueghost Publicity Inc. threw a party in NYC that coincided with the CMJ New Music Fest. Always eager to dazzle the razzled, the SG marketing team put together an exclusive Skin Graft sampler titled "THE BLUEGHOST PARTY FAVOR" for the first 100 or so attendees. Culled primarily from the rollicking recent releases you've grown accustomed to hearing Jazzy gab on and on about, the disc sports 21 tracks from 12 bands, including: MADE IN MEXICO, KOENJIHYAKKEI, GORGE TRIO, POINT LINE PLANE, YOWIE, RUINS, CHEER-ACCIDENT, QUINTRON, THE FLYING LUTTENBACHERS, THE CHINESE STARS, STRANGULATED BEATOFFS and ARAB ON RADAR. Each copy is individually hand-numbered, comes packed in a jewel case (this ain't no flimsy wallet sleeved comp done on the cheap!) and includes a full-color fold-out Gumballhead the Cat comic by Rob Syers and Mark Fischer! Now, the forward thinking flunkies upstairs realized that there would likely be a few folks outside of NYC who'd want to get their mitts on one of these, so extra copies were made just to offer up to our loyal mailorder-ers as a year-end holiday scooby snack. This one, gang, is NOT available in stores. With any paypal or mailorder of $12.00 or more, the compilation is available to you for the measly price of $6.25. If you want to order the compilation all by itself, the money grubbers will gouge you a little extra at $7.85. These won't last forever, so order away! Visit the SKiN GRAFT paypal shop HERE or send checks and money orders to the P.O. Box at the top of this page. A complete track listing and more details are HERE.

ITEM! Just in case you forgot to pay your internet bill, were temporarily struck blind, deaf, or are just plain dumb; the year-end Skin Graft releases are now out and about! See the previous update to read the Jazzy One's soothing soliloquies on MADE IN MEXICO's "Zodiac Zoo" CD & Gatefold pop-up LP, KOENJIHYAKKEI's "Angherr Shisspa" CD and RUINS "Pallaschtom" CD. These platters are guaranteed great. If you're not 100% satisfied, then simply return your purchase for a swift kick in the pants.

A photogallery of KOENJIHYKKEI is up at the PHOTO section now. Mucho arygato to Sakamoto Kengo for the pics, taken at various recent Koenji shows in Japan. We can all hope that the US and Europe will be so lucky soon! And if there was any doubt that the underground is covertly burrowing beneath the faltering foothold of the unenlightened masses, this should make it clear: MADE IN MEXICO is featured on the new Playstation 2 video game, GUITAR HERO! In a nutshell, the player's goal is to advance to expert after weeks of play - and as players' progress within the game, they'll also unlock more venues, songs and guitars. Tucked among those "unlockable" songs is none other than "Farewell Myth", as heard on Made In Mexico's brand-spanking new LP! GUITAR HERO is out now and has already been nominated for a Spike TV Video Game Award - for Best Soundtrack! Details on the game can be found HERE.

ITEM! The word is out that AIDS Wolf will make their debut splash here early next year with Twelve voluptuous vinyl inches of supersonic freeform, freedom-filled, fuckery. Now, Jazzy, for one; and you, for two; hate to wait, so to get an earful of what the ruckus is all about, we've brought aboard the brand spanking new Blood Of The Drash vinyl split 7" from none other than AIDS WOLF and The FUGUE. AIDS Wolf drop three songs: "Fuck You Mclean", "Doctorate In Philosophy", and "Laundry Day Lament", while The Fugue contribute "Blow Yr Chrome". Surf thee to the Everything Else section of the paypal shop for the skinny. Now, the full length, entitled "The Lovvers LP" will be released at the tip top of next year - the CD version will come correct from the fine-feathered fellows at Lovepump United, while the LP will come special delivery from SKiN GRAFT Rex. Packaging on this one is ALL THE WAY out - we're talking a DOUBLE-sided, four-color process screenprinted 24" x 24" fold-out poster sleeve (lovingly printed by the mighty Seripop outfit), complete with a lush, blush-inducing centerfold of the band to boot! No, kimosabee, we're NOT taking advance orders yet, set aside a little of grandma's Christmas money to rocket our way mid-January. And in just-as-exciting news, to coincide with "The Lovvers LP" splash, AIDS Wolf is preparing to hit Europe(!) where they will take on any and all comers. Tour is in February and the confirmed dates are HERE. For Euro booking inquires, contact Alex Auche of Highfood.org at aauche@highfood.org - ASAP!

Four feet of fur, fury and un-neutered mayhem - that would be none other than the inimitable GUMBALLHEAD THE CAT - and it's time to check in on everyone's favorite fuzzy-faced, funny-paper feline. Not long ago, Gummy clawed his way into a full color comic series in Chi-town's wondrous weekly paper, the Chicago Reader. Since then, Misters Roberto J. Syers and Markus D. Fischer have been delivering the goods in spades - while mail rockets in from parts all round pleading for more sample strips for on-line ogling... Friends, Jazzy's got a real treat for you this time around - up and at 'em now are not one, but TWO new cataclysmic comics culled from Gummy's wily, weekly wonders! Visit the COMICS page to commence amazement! Now for those itching to take a new stick of Gummy home, in between the weekly gig, rowdy Rob Syers has been plowing forward on the multi-part Gumballhead saga currently chronicled in the pages of Roctober Magazine. The next chapter tips a hat to Danzig's old act with the title "All Hell Breaks Loose", and will be presented in beauteous black and white. Watch for the next issue of Roctober early next year & visit the LINKS page to hop to the website. AND(!), on top of all that, Rob and Mark have been cooking up a very special full page comic section for the Chicago Reader's year-end issue! Chicago-ittes, look for the massive "HOW TO DRAW COMICS THE SKiN GRAFT WAY" instructional funny page this December- in glorious Technicolor!

ITEM! Take My Member Please Dept: Yes, it is true, last year's inductees into the SG Hall of Hotshots, YOWIE and POINT LINE PLANE are each one member shorter. Yowie has been auditioning replacements to fill the void left by second axeman Jeremiah Wonsewitz, but have vowed to not fill the spot 'til it's just right. During this transition period, Jonathan Hischke did a Hella-va job filling in for the band's recent show with RUINS - not too shabby for a few hours practice! Up north, Point Line Plane's Howard Gillam has stepped out as well; in this case, it looks likely the band will be continuing as a two-piece. That won't be too hard - as you eager Einstein's will be quick to point out - PLP was born a two piece, as is dynamically documented on their self-titled debut album! During the down time, both bands have been taking anything but a holiday - Yowie is refining some raw AC/DC ore; while Point Line Plane has been scoring the documentary feature film "Haunters". Now - while these bands regroup, Jazzy strongly suggests that any stragglers who haven't scored POINT LINE PLANE's "Smoke Signals" or YOWIE's "Cryptoology" do themselves a favor and put them both at the tip-top of that list you'll be secreting to Santa this X-Mas. Nothing, but nothing says Happy Holidays like Skin Graft sliding down the chimney with the fat man!

ITEM! Jesus H. Key-rist - You kids and your F'ing MY SPACE pages! All right already, we got one, registered by Mr. Fischer himself, but would you believe he's taken extreme measures to hide the password from your nosey news-hound? Unbelievable. All I can say is don't expect it be much fun... That said, we at Skin Graft can use all the friends we can get, so send your friend requests and send them often. Much of the SG roster has My Space pages already up and at 'em, and you are urged to visit them. Links have been cobbled together for your surfing ease HERE. Tell 'em all Jazzy said "Hi"!

ITEM! And speaking of SG bands - Here's a new one on ya - (!) - put your heads together for the mighty ATHLETIC AUTOMATON! Yes, 'tis our old buddy Steve from Arab On Radar, paired with parchment pounder, Pat Crump, formerly of Pellum 1-2-3 and Saturday Night Palsy. You may be familiar with them from their split CD with Made In Mexico (available HERE) or maybe you've heard their debut album, "Five Days In Africa", currently making the rounds as a superbly spiffy CD-R. Come 2006, AA will be busting loose BIG TIME, so better put on your crash helmet now! And - rumor has it that Athletic Automaton and another recently brought aboard batch of badasses will be collaborating on a very special recording - that might just be making it's way this-a-way to be released in two-oh-oh-six. Hmmm...

Ladies, meet me in the broom closet in five minutes. Gentleman, that's all I got for you. The hands on my wristwatch all point to log off, so I am officially outta here. Your Jazzy One suspects he'll check in with you for one brief, shining holiday hug before the year is out, but 'til then, be good to yourself and your mother. I'll be under the mistletoe.



updated: October 17th, 2005

Salütes Sound Seekers ( ! )
SKiN GRAFT's Ace Reporter, "Jazzy" Joe Romita here with another staggering summary of the frankly phenomenal feats fathered at the famed fount of flabbergast... the forever favored, far-from faddish, far-flung frontiersmen of the fashionable Fort SKiN GRAFT!!!! Face front, frenzied ones!!!!


vv "Zodiac Zoo " CD / Gatefold Pop-Up LP
vv "Angherr Shisspa" CD
vv "Pallaschtom" & European Tour

V >Post-Hurricane USA Tour

V >Super-Villain Team Up in 2006

ITEM! Fan your fevered forehead fellows, cause Jazzy Joe has another dose of nonconformist, now wave noodling to dish and the news is so sizzling, it's a sure shot six of seven shall spontaneously combust in sheer supersonic elation (!) - and the rag-tag-tag team of lawyers here at Camp Skin Graft have advised your Odin of the Offbeat to serve fair warning before you proceed to peeping.

How do we do it? How does SKiN GRAFT Records, already certified as the superior sound solicitor from sea to shining sea, improve upon a rock-solid record of peerless perfection in it's pursuit of providing pulse-pounding platters to the panting, impassioned peoples? Sorry Sammy, we ain't givin' away ANY trade secrets. See, Jazzy's grown a trifle fond of those dumpsters of dough delivered daily to his doorstep, and if he starts sharing any recipes for success, what's to prevent the sad sacks from stealing a few cues from the SG cookbook?

Time's a'wastin' and these sleeves are itching something fierce, so let's hop to it and pull out this pair of aces right now! Hello MADE IN MEXICO! Hi There KOENJIHYAKKEI!

Please bow your heads, publicist Charlie Nite with a few words:

Hailing from Providence, Rhode Island, these ex-members of Arab On Radar, La Machine, and Bossman play music. The kind that inspired Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore to buy them drinks the last time they played Brooklyn. MADE IN MEXICO came into being when Rebecca Mitchell moved to Providence from Oklahoma... and was asked by Dare Matheson and Jon Loper (members of Providence's psychedelic freak-out ensemble La Machine) to start a band. Jon recalls that "Rebecca called and asked if I was into the idea of dragging Jeff Schneider out. Schneider was a guitarist in Arab On Radar. I'd played with him before so it seemed like a good enough idea to try."

The beginning rehearsals went strangely at first. Everyone tried their best to ease the tension by playing music they mutually agreed was good: Captain Beefheart, Devo, Chrome, Amon Duul II, Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, Sleetmute / Nightmute - and that's when writing began. The band debuted before a packed show at the Safari Lounge located in downtown Providence, Schneider wielding his trademark Travis Bean aluminum-necked guitar. As far as the people in attendance were concerned, everything they loved about these artists was back better than ever.

Is it ever armadillos! Not only is MADE IN MEXICO's dynamic debut available on the venerable CD format, but it's also available on VINYL, with different cover art than the CD, and in a big, glossy gatefold POP-UP sleeve that when opened, looks something like this:

A special deal on a MADE IN MEXICO LP & CD set is up at the paypal shop for those who'd like to combine the ease of digital playback with the snubbing rights that comes with the owning a certified collectable.

Next up, is Japan's inimitable KOENJIHYAKKEI. Before we turn it over to Charlie Nite, lets put this seasoned quote from Alternative Press front and center:

"I'm probably going out on a limb here, but from my vantage point, this is not only the most brilliant of all of contemporary Japanese bands, but perhaps the greatest group currently operating in the world." -Alternative Press

Some bands you just have to hear. Japan's KOENJIHYAKKEI (aka Koenji Hyakkei aka Hundred Sights of Koenji) are just such a band. Headed by vocalist / composer / drummer extraordinaire Tatsuya Yoshida (of the renowned bass and drum duo RUINS), KOENJIHYAKKEI is Area and ELP at their most excessive; Deus Ex Machina with tempo changes multiplied by 100; and Magma at their orff-ian choral, fusion jazz, overcharged gospel peak. All of which is meaningless to those unfamiliar with the aforementioned bands. Maybe that explains why advance listens have yielded head-scratching comments comparing KOENJIHYAKKEI's fourth album (and USA debut) "Angherr Shisspa" to Stereolab, Yes, Queen, Melt-Banana and "something so far off Broadway it's on the moon".

The above makes the band sound indecipherable and impenetrable. Fortunately, that's not the case, there's plenty to latch onto, densely packed into the album's 50 minute running time. In the heady, heavy prog-circles, Koenji is already firmly established; renowned as the ultimate contemporary progressive rock outfit; with three albums and a live dvd released in their native Japan (and heavily exported around the world). KOENJIHYAKKEI explodes with glittery keyboard lines, speedy bass/drum workouts, emotive reed respites, and operatic female vocals that take the listener from sheer exuberance to absolute apocalypse... And all this performed with superhuman technique in extremely catchy, addictive arrangements.

MADE IN MEXICO "Zodiac Zoo" and KOENJIHYAKKEI "Angherr Shisspa" can be ordered by visiting the SKiN GRAFT paypal shop HERE. For snail mail, send checks and money orders in the amounts found at the shop to the P.O. Box at the top of this page. To hear what you're getting yourself into, visit the AUDIO page for MP3 samples and you'll find even more details at each band's respective BAND page.

ITEM! Y'all might recall that Jazzy got a jump on RUINS' astonishing, just-released "Pallaschtom" CD in the previous update. With that groundwork firmly laid, our hirsute hero is ready to dazzle with another incredible announcement. Now just this last summer, the US of A was fortunate to receive Yoshida Tatsuya on it's soil for the whirlwind RUINS "Bassist Wanted" Tour - and now it's Europe's turn as it readies itself for the JAPANESE NEW MUSIC FESTIVAL - with no less than SEVEN INCREDIBLE ACTS!: - RUINS ALONE! - ZUBI ZUVA X! - AKATEN! - SHRINP WARK! - ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE! - ZOFFY! - SWRSEIKAZOKU! The tour starts on HALLOWEEN Night in Gothenberg and no self respecting music-lover within a zillion kilometers of these shows is gonna want to miss out! Hop Thee to the TOUR PAGE for details!

ITEM! The boss has written plenty on the plight of our pals QUINTRON and MISS PUSSYCAT, both on these pages and in SG mailing list notices circulated around the internet, so Jazzy's not going to do tread on familiar territory. Q and P's website has been updated with photos of New Orleans post-hurricane and they've issued the following statement: LODGE UPDATE/ Oct 13, 2005 - Don't drink the water no matter what C-Ray say! Pukey pukey yuk baaaaaad. Also, don't go into your house to save all your records and think that a wet t-shirt around the face is gonna keep the mold out. More Pukey, dizzy, fall down, feel soooooo hot! New Orleans is officially the Wild West ... Dudes paradise. Oh yeah.... message to the fake SPCA truck disaster tourists coming in to "save pets" (break in to people's homes unlawfully and steal their cat)... STAY AWAY!!.... WE HAVE GUNS AND POLICE VEEEERY BUSY IN OTHER NEIGHBORHOOD LIKE FRENCH QUARTER!! GO BACK TO PORTLAND!! You are idiots... this is really a nuisance... where the fuck were you people at Mardi Gras? The Blessing of the Boats? Dogs and cats are wild horses here... go home. R.I.P. Pablo - founding member of drum buddy baddass and full blooded state canine.

QUINTRON and MISS PUSSYCAT are taking the show on the road to give the Spellcaster Lodge time to dry out. For dates, visit the TOURS page and get ready to Go! Go! GO! Grass roots response to the call for help has been amazing to say the least, and while sincereity is sincerely at odds with the Jazzy one's base instincts, even he must bow before your magnificence... Those with paypal accounts wishing to lend a helping buck can send donations to Quintron and Miss Pussycat's Rhinestone Records account at: rhinestonerecords@hotmail.com. More details are in the previous update.

Two-Thousand Six Crystal Balls Department:
From Montreal, Canada, welcome AIDS Wolf!
- - - ' Nuff said!

Join Jazzy next time, when he'll dish the delish on AIDS WOLF's screenprinted, poster-sleeved, vinyl-only splash here at the outhouse of ideas, and we'll take a gander at the latest adventures of that fuzzy-faced comic-sensation GUMBALLHEAD THE CAT!

'Til next time...



updated: September 12th, 2005

RUINS "Pallaschtom" CD!
vv Finally available in the US of A!

V >Coming this OCTOBER!

V >Updates from New Orleans' own -
..... - following Jazzy Joe's report.

Salütes Sound Seekers ( ! )
SKiN GRAFT's Ace Reporter, "Jazzy" Joe Romita here with another staggering summary of the frankly phenomenal feats fathered at the famed fount of flabbergast... the forever favored, far-from faddish, far-flung frontiersmen of the fashionable Fort SKiN GRAFT!!!! Face front, frenzied ones!!!!!

Greetings gang! Jazzy Joe's fastidious fingers are back at the keys and geared to type a trio of toe-tapping tidbits certain to set those esurient skin graft glands on salivate! Hands on your cheeks chums, cause the vibrant, vimmy verbiage your overlord of info is about to drop will send your head spinning --- and we need your mug directed straight ahead. First, a word of warning, we're gong to keep it short and sweet, RUINS "Pallaschtom" CD is upon us, MADE IN MEXICO and KOENJIHYAKKEI are rounding the bend, and the nutcases upstairs have dropped a sale so all-encompassing, even Jazzy Joe himself is compelled to score some of those nifty SG wares, and I've already got 'em all!!! Okay... time's a'wasting. Let's GO!

ITEM! Woo- Lordy, that RUINS Bassist Wanted tour was a blast! If you missed it, google around and read up on it cuz hot on those heels comes RUINS mind-boggling digital bombast -"Pallaschtom"! Like "Vrresto" released earlier this year, "Pallaschtom" has been remixed and remastered by RUINS head-honcho Yoshida Tatsuya for it's long overdue domestic release. Jazzy figures most of you know the score by now, but let's check in on the scoop as scribed by SG's press magnet Charlie Nite:

Pioneers of the Drum & Bass duo, Japan's RUINS are renowned around the globe for their incomparable form of hyper-kinetic hardcore prog rock. Their influence is heard in the music of John Zorn's Naked City, Fantomas, Lightning Bolt, Yowie and a generation of musical freakouts, but RUINS continue to evolve and lead the charge. Pallaschtom further deepens the story as RUINS take a dark turn into an even more tight, seemingly unplayable compositional style, loaded with percussive frenzies, blistering bass guitar contortionism, and inimitable vocal stylings sung in a language of their own invention.

Following the release of "Vrresto", their split 7" and comic set with HIGH ON FIRE, and a cross-country "bassist wanted" summer tour, "Pallaschtom", previously only available overseas, has been extensively remixed & remastered (and in some cases, re-recorded) by RUINS founder Tatsuya Yoshida for it's domestic release.

The album closes with three medleys; extremely popular at live performances, but largely unheard by American listeners: The Classical Music Medley, The Hard Rock Medley and the Progressive Rock Medley, which, between the three, compress nearly a hundred song history of music into just over six minutes, covering Vivaldi, Black Sabbath, Yes, and most points in between.

As an added bonus, and due to popular demand, "Pallaschtom" comes complete with Yoshida Tatsuya's LYRICS (!), so now, at last, you can sing along with your favorite RUINS tracks in the privacy of your own habitat! We've uploaded, not one, but two MP3's for your afternoon delight: HARD ROCK MEDLEY and GUAMALLAPISH. For you home-karaoke-ist's who can't wait for the CD to arrive, we've reprinted the lyrics to "Guampallapish" below, just get thee to the AUDIO page and let the vocal chop honing begin!

"Pallaschtom" will land in stores mid-September, but it's ready and able to be ordered now (at sale pricing no less!) Checks and money orders go to the P.O. Box and Paypals can go HERE. For more details, check RUINS BAND page and the album's individual entry at our CATALOG page. Thank me now, thank you later...
ITEM! As reader's of our previous update know, next on the SG plate are two courses of full-length fantastic-ness from MADE IN MEXICO and KOENJIHYAKKEI. The next Ballpeen Bulletins will be coming round the bend very soon, so Jazzy's gonna keep you in suspense for a little while longer. Two tidbits: in addition to the venerable Compact Disc format, MADE IN MEXICO's album, now firmly titled "Zodiac Zoo" will be available on vinyl in a "very special" package. - And - after many nights of brow furrowing, KOENJIHYAKKEI have chosen to release their stateside debut under the name KOENJIHYAKKEI rather than the two word variation KOENJI HYAKKEI or the English translation, HUNDRED SIGHTS OF KOENJI. The album will be titled "Angherrr Shisspa". Come October, ask for it by name wherever CD's are sold. If your retailer doesn't know what the hell you're talking about, kindly give him an education, will ya?

That's it! Be here next time for- - - Aw, alright... since y'all been so patient, Jazzy's tucked aside a smidgen of MADE IN MEXICO and KOENJIHYAKKEI for ya. Shhhhhh - Tiptoe thisaway
- - - and let's keep it our little secret, okay?!?

X, O and...



and the emerging CAJUN ATLANTIS:

- NEW radio interview - and notes from

Hi Everybody.
This is Mark writing.
Quintron and Miss Pussycat did make it out of New Orleans before the hurricane hit. Their van was loaded up with their instruments - but their house, the Spellcaster Lodge is a casualty of Hurricane Katrina. Pretty much all Q and P have at the moment is what they need to tour... This is a devastating turn of events for our friends.

Here's how you can help:

Those with paypal accounts can send donations to Quintron and Miss Pussycat's Rhinestone Records account.
Their paypal id is:

If you don't have a paypal account, I'll gladly accept donations here at te label - make them payable to Skin Graft, make it clear that it's for Q and P and I'll see that they get it. Other members of New Orleans' music community are certainly in trouble as well... Everyone impacted by this tragedy is in our thoughts.

Below is a note from Mr. Quintron.

Thanks everyone,


As I am sure you all must know....me and Miss Pussycat got out.....most of our instruments were also evacuated, but the entire electronics lab was destroyed and many Pussycat paintings and puppets were also lost. Also, the house (SPELLCASTER LODGE) is questionable.......the front gable blew off and the whole downstairs (the LODGE) was REALLY the underwater dance club for about 3-4 days. Unfortunately the only things dancing were dead animals, benzine, E-coli, fire ants, and human feces........Our entire building structure being condemned is a real possibility. The good news is that as far as I know all Rhinestone Records Krewe are ok......Trachiotomy rode it out along with Strangebone (Jeff Matson), DJ Math Problem (Brian Marchese), Mikey Serabrini, Danger Dan Fusilier (famous painter of Mother in Law), Jamie & Raven, and many others. Antoinette K-Doe (of the MOTHER IN LAW LOUNGE) also stayed and survived but her lounge saw even deeper water than the Lodge. I know that many of you are having various benefits and you should send your money to any place that makes the most sense to you....if you are donating directly to the Lodge please know that the $ will go to replace equiptment and to re-build the Spellcaster because we have no insurance of any kind. It will also go to keep the show on the road for many of the above mentioned Hurricane heroes. The reason I am writing this is because I have been asked by benefit organizers to explain somehow what is happening and where the benefit funds for Rhinestone Records will go.......so, that is my explaination about money........as far as what is happening.......i don't know what the fuck is happening.....this is biblical and it is breaking my heart to see New Orleans burnt, flooded, neglected, ethnically cleansed, and basically shoved underwater to drown........but we can breath underwater baby. Cajun Atlantis has just begun to emerge and the moment those fuckers let us back in the gates, we are going straight to the gun store and then to the boat bar for all the free drinks we can drink. Thank you all for everything........
WE LOVE YOU!...............
Mr.Q and all of Rhinestone Records

P.S. website will be updated soon and all QUINTRON AND MISS PUSSYCAT tour dates are NOT being cancelled, although Harry Merry may drop off as the opener for this coming Fall tour........we must tour with a New Orleans band now................we will definitely have some stuff to talk about in the van.

We also have a letter From M.C. Trachiotomy HERE

New Radio interview with QUINTRON and MISS PUSSYCAT on Benjamen Walker's Theory Of Everything HERE




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